The Jordan Film Fund

About JFF

The Jordan Film Fund (JFF) is a Jordanian financial scheme founded and financed by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) in 2011. The JFF is dedicated to funding cinematic projects, empowering local and Arab filmmakers.

The call for application is now open until 23rd June 2024!

To learn more and start your application, please click HERE.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact JFF team at [email protected], or +962 79 7557229 during working hours (Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

Development of TV Series Projects

Writers: Amin Matalqa


Writer: Luma Al-Hamarneh

Production of Short Animated Documentary and Narrative Projects
"Shadows" - Documentary

Director: Rand Beiruty

Producer: Farah El Assi

"Zoo" – Narrative

Writer/ Director: Tariq Rimawi

Producer: Aminah Abdat

Production of Short Documentary Project
"Fist of Fury"

Director: Abdelrahman Hussein

Producer: Musab Khalaf

Production of Short Narrative Projects
"3rd floor"

Writer/ Director: Hamzeh Mahadin

Producer: Nasser Kadamani

"Abu Haga"

Writer/ Director: Ahmad AL-Zawaidah

Producer: Mohammad Assaf

"2 AM"

Writer/ Director: Tasneem Abu Sokkur

Producer: Mahmoud Alhayek

"The Silent Record"

Writer/ Director: Mohammad Quta

Producer: Ibraheem Shaheen and Laora Haddadin

"Family Portrait"

Writer/ Director: Nour Alzwateen

Producers: Ra’aed Tawalbeh and Rahaf Bdour


Writer/ Director: Mohammed Saffouri

Producer: Tareq Baddar


Writer: Hussam Zaghmouri

Director: Omar Al-Taher

Producer: Ahmad-Yaseen Al-Hlabiah

Development of Feature Documentary Project
"From Earth to Earth"

Director: Said Najmi

Producer: Azza Hourani

"Seats of Revolution"

Director: Rand El Haj Hasan

Producer: Saleem Salameh

"Manila Street"

Director: Tanya Marar

Producer: Khaled Haddad

Development of Feature Narrative Projects
"Theft of Fire"

Writer: Amer Shomali

Producer: Rashid Abdelhamid


Writer: Said Zagha

Producer: Mais Salman

Heaven on Earth

Writer: Zaid Bawab

"I Beg, Your Pardon"

Writer: Samer Battikhi

"The Sea Needs to Heave"

Writer: Zain Duraie

Producer: Alaa Alasad

"Soon We Will All Be History Here"

Writer: Saeed Taji Farouky

Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia

The Lift

Writer: Saleh Al Khataybeh

Post-Production of Feature Documentary Project
"The Settlement"

Director: Alex Sarda

Producer: Jumana Saadeh

Post-Production of Feature Narrative Project

Director: Darin Sallam

Producer: Deema Azar and Ayah Jardaneh

Production of Feature Documentary Projects
"Cinema Salwa"

Director: Mahmoud Al Massad

Producer: Omar Al Massad

"Five Football Dreams"

Director: Bassel Ghandour

Producer: Hashem Sabbagh