The Jordan Film Fund

About JFF

The Jordan Film Fund (JFF) is a Jordanian financial scheme founded and financed by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) in 2011. The JFF is dedicated to funding cinematic projects, empowering local and Arab filmmakers.

The call for application is now open until 23rd June 2024!

To learn more and start your application, please click HERE.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact JFF team at [email protected], or +962 79 7557229 during working hours (Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

Production of Short Narrative Projects
"The Wheel"

Director: Said Zagha

Producer: Ahmad Khatib

"Jordanian Spinster"

Director: Hanady Elayyan

Producer: Layla Abbas

"Report- Hashtag"

Director: Mervat Aksoy

Producer: Mohammad Khairy

"The Kidnapping"

Director: Rakan Mayasi

Producer: Fahdeh Bandar

"Al Yasmeen"

Director: Sahem Muhaisen

Producer: Mais Suliman

" Virgin of Ignorance Era"

Director: Medyan Saafin

Producer: Tayseer Masharqa

Development of Feature Documentary Projects
"The Shortcut"

Director: Baha' Hussein

Producer: Dalia Nimer

"Occupy Culture"

Director: Linda Mutawi

Producer: Linda Mutawi

"A Doctor Who Shall Remained Unnamed"

Director: Dalia Koury

Producer: Nadine Kirresh

Development of Feature Narrative Projects
"Solid Water"

Writer: Bashar Abbas

Producer: Ahmad Aqeel

"200 Meter"

Writer: Ameen Nayfeh

Producer: Lama Abu Hassan

"Collaborator of Bethlehem"

Writer: Linda Mutawi

Producer: Hani Nuaimi

"Me & Murdoch"

Writer: Yahya Abdallah

Producer: Rula Nasser

"Bed Matress Story"

Writer: Tayseer Masharqa

Production of Feature Documentary Projects
"I am Here"

Director: Fesne Oreikohovitch

Producer: Tayseer Masharqa


Director: Mahmoud Al Massad

Producer: Omar Al Massad

Production of Feature Narrative Projects
"The Kidnap"

Director: Dima Hamdan

Producer: Pascal Due

"Saddam Live Long"

Director: Katya Jarjoura

Producer: Khalid Haddad

" 3000 Night"

Director: Mai Masri

Producer: Rami Yassin