The Jordan Film Fund

About JFF

The Jordan Film Fund (JFF) is a Jordanian financial scheme founded and financed by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) in 2011. The JFF is dedicated to funding cinematic projects, empowering local and Arab filmmakers.

The call for application is now open until 23rd June 2024!

To learn more and start your application, please click HERE.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact JFF team at [email protected], or +962 79 7557229 during working hours (Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

Development of Television Series

Writers: Rifqi Assaf and Salah Qasrawi

“Forgotten Princesses"

Writer: Jamal Bakeer

Production of Short Narrative Projects

Director: Omar Rammal

Producer: Leen Awad

“Rubber Washer”

Director: Hadi Shatat

Producer: Luma Al-Hamarneh & Omar Abu Shanab


Director: Saleh Al khataybeh

Producer: Sa’ed Arouri

“Cadence of the Valley”

Director: Rama Obeid

Producer: Ibrahim Yacoub


Director: Samer Battikhi

Producer: Aya Wuhoush


Director: Ghaith Al-Adwan

Producer: Sleiman Tadros & Amer Halasa

“The Way Home”

Director: Layan Nairoukh & Noor Hanania

Producer: Maya Talhouni


Director: Murad Abu Eisheh

Producer: Jude Kawwa

“Teita’s Last Wish”

Director: Areeb Zuaiter

Producer: Rema Saoub


Director: George-Nicholas Al Khouri

Producer: Ghassan Salti

“Azrar- Animation”

Director: Ahmad Jaber

Producer: Mohamed al Rugab

“Geisha L.O.V.E.- Animation”

Director: Mike V. Derderian

Producer: Nadine Toukan

“The Forgiveness- Documentary”

Director: Hamza Hamideh

Producer: Ismail Abu Wardeh

Development of Feature Documentary Project

Writer/ Director: Widad Shafakoj

Producer: Zeid Fanous

“We Carve Words in the Earth”

Writer/ Director: Mahasen Nasser-Eldin

Producer: Sami Said Shana’ah

Development of Feature Narrative Projects
"The Station”

Writer: Sara Ishaq & Nadia Eliewat

Producer: Nadia Eliewat

“To Him, We Return”

Writer: Ahmad Alyaseer & Rana Alyaseer

“She Who Lives”

Writer: Aysha El-Shamayleh

Producer: Batoul Ibrahim

Post-Production of Feature Narrative Projects
“Salma's Home”

Director: Hanadi Elyan

Producer: Nathan Bennett

Production of Feature Narrative Projects

Director: Darin Sallam

Producer: Deema Azar and Ayah Jardaneh

“It's A Boy”

Director: Amjad Al Rasheed

Producer: Aseel Abu Ayyash

“Papion On The Water Tank”

Director: Yahya Alabdallah

Producer: Huda Al-Kadhimi