The Jordan Film Fund

About JFF

The Jordan Film Fund (JFF) is a Jordanian financial scheme founded and financed by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) in 2011. The JFF is dedicated to funding cinematic projects, empowering local and Arab filmmakers.

The call for application is now open until 23rd June 2024!

To learn more and start your application, please click HERE.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact JFF team at [email protected], or +962 79 7557229 during working hours (Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

Production of Short Animated Narrative Projects

Writer/ Director: Hanin Alwahsh

Producer: Joseph Shamoun


Writer/ Director: Ghaith Altalli

Producer: Ahmed Jaber

Production of Short Documentary Project
"Bread Loaf"

Director: Samer Battikhi

Producer: Leen Hamarneh

Production of Short Narrative Projects

Writer/ Director: Rana Al Hadban

Producer: Yanal Barakat


Writer/ Director: Ramzy Kharrouf

Producer: Hussam Ismail


Writer/ Director: Firas Taybeh

Producer: Majd Hijjawi

"Out of Tune"

Writer/ Director: Taleb A’saf

Producer: Sa’ed Arouri


Writer/ Director: Saleh A. Al Khataybeh

Producer: Luma Al-Hammarneh


Writer/ Director: Ahmad Satti Ibrahim

Producer: Tamer Fakhoury

"Al Alya"

Writer/ Director: Bader Alzawaydh

Producer: Omar Al Ajouri


Writer/ Director: Mooney Abu Samra

Producer: Rama Obeid

Development of TV Series Projects

Writers: Darin Sallam, Deema Azar and Ayah Jardaneh

Producer: Deema Azar and Ayah Jardaneh

‘Look Here"

Writers: Mohammad Khabour

Producer: Sa’ed Arouri

Development of Feature Documentary Project

Director: Hamza Hameda

Producer: Yousef Abed Alnabi

"Swinging Fields"

Director: Sareen Hairabedian

Development of Feature Narrative Projects
"King of Marbles"

Writer: Nour El Nsheiwat

"The 100 Hours Trip"

Writer: Hadeel Lawi

Producer: Rula Nasser


Writer: May Al-Ghouti

Producer: Dalia AbuZeid

Production of Feature Documentary Projects
"Harvest Moon"

Director: Rama Obeid

Producer: Mariam Salim

"Concrete Land"

Director: Asmahan Bkerat

Producer: Ban Maraqa

Production of Feature Narrative Projects
"The Station"

Writer/ Director: Sara Ishaq

Producer: Nadia Eliewat


Writer/ Director: Said Zagha

Producer: Mais Salman

"Day of Arafah"

Writer/ Director: Alaa Al Qaissi

Producer: Tariq Abu Lughd