Tax Exemption


By virtue of a Government’s decision, The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) was granted the right to exempt eligible productions from certain taxes and fees. These exemptions include

  • Sales tax exemptions for any product and/or service purchased within the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production.
  • Customs taxes and duties exemptions for any equipment and/or material imported into the Kingdom for the sole purpose of the production. 
  • Taxes on salaries and fees for any non-Jordanian cast and crew member employed by the production. 


  • The production must pass the eligibility evaluation (included in the application form) with a minimum of 750 points out of 1500 points.
  • The project must go into pre-production within 90 days from the date of approving the application. After the period of 90 days, the exemption shall be considered invalid and the production must reapply.
  • The production must agree to have a ‘Filmed in Jordan” credit as well as the logo of The Royal Film Commission – Jordan in the final production’s rolling credits.

How to Apply

  • Any production wishing to benefit from the exemption has to fill an application and submit it along with the supporting documents mentioned below. They are to be sent to the Production Services Department at the  Royal Film Commission- Jordan: [email protected]
  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to principal photography. 
How to Apply
Fill The Application
Send it to The Production Services

The Exemption Letter

  • The RFC will issue an official exemption letter within 30 days from submitting all required documents.
  • All expenses prior to the issue date of the official exemption letter will not be included.
  • The exemption granted by the RFC is strictly limited to the production; the RFC maintains the right to request all invoices and purchase lists from the relevant tax authorities to verify the utilization of the exemption. Any misuse of the exemption is considered tax evasion and will be prosecuted legally.

Supporting Documents

The production must provide the following documents:

  • Registration of the Production Company.
  • Synopsis (not less than 500 words).
  • Total budget.
  • Budget to be spent in Jordan.
  • List of crew, cast, heads of departments and trainees indicating their nationalities.
  • Salaries of Jordanian crew.
  • Script (with a focus on scenes to be filmed Jordan).
  • Extent of cooperation with the Jordanian authorities.
  • Hotel rooming list and booking confirmations (three-star hotels or more).
  • Per diem of the foreign crew.
  • Filming schedule including all locations and dates.
  • Copy of the Jordanian crew’s contracts.
  • Copy of the contracts with Jordan Armed Forces and/or Government Departments, if applicable

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