Film in Schools

The “Film in Schools” project is one of the important initiatives that specifically utilizes the arts of sound, visuals, and films to enhance students' knowledge of the film industry. It sheds light on various local, Arab, and global issues through the content presented in the selected films.

Launched in 2021, the project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education through the memorandum of understanding for the "Film in Schools Project" in several schools across the Kingdom in Amman and the governorates. The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) organizes film screenings tailored to the school environment, providing students with the opportunity to discuss the content artistically with film experts and manage discussions in government schools that have been selected to execute the project.

The project aims to enhance creative ideas and develop critical thinking among students by acquiring the necessary knowledge to analyze films and deconstruct their various elements, including the main idea (concept), story, characters, structure, and plot. This also includes aspects such as sound, cinematography, lighting, and colours.

Participating students benefit from a rare opportunity in the selected school environment to acquire the skills of reading and analyzing films, connecting their events to reality and the surrounding environment. They also gain insights into historical incidents, ideas, lifestyles, and different cultures. Additionally, the project contributes to enhancing their critical thinking by expressing their opinions on films and engaging in discussions with the experts working on the project.