Cinema for All

The "Cinema for All" project -which is a unique program- comes in line with the goals of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) to reach various segments of society in and outside of Amman, aiming to promote cinematic culture and explore different cultures around the world through cinema. The RFC collaborates with the General Security Directorate through the project, which targets 16 rehabilitation and correction centres across the kingdom, providing inmates with the opportunity to watch a variety of Jordanian, Arab, and international films.

The project started in 2018 and has achieved notable success in its screenings. The collaboration is renewed annually through a memorandum of understanding between the RFC and the General Security Directorate, specifically the Management of Rehabilitation and Correction Centres.

It is known that many inmates suffer from various psychological consequences and live in a routine where options are limited, and entertainment possibilities are scarce. Hence, the power of movies and cinema comes into play to positively impact them and alleviate the psychological burden within the confines of the centres. The significant interaction of the inmates with the project confirms the importance of the role of cinema and films in achieving this goal.

The RFC provides a selection of films that align with the criteria for events within rehabilitation and correction centres, including feature-length and short fictional and documentary films covering various subjects, combining entertainment and thoughtfulness. The inmates are offered a unique cinematic experience within the centre's walls. After the screenings, there is an opportunity for inmates to share their impressions through discussions about the films’ topics.

The project covers all governorates of the kingdom, whether rehabilitation and correction centres for men or women. Every year, efforts are made to increase the number of special screenings within the project to serve the maximum number of inmates within the available resources. Over the past years, more than 14,000 inmates have benefited from the project's screenings.

The project has received media attention, shedding light on the extent of the inmates' benefit from its activities, and several news reports have been published.