Cinema for All

In line with the objectives of the Royal Film Commission to reach various segments of society inside and outside of Amman, with the aim of promoting cinematic culture and learning about different cultures around the world through cinema, the RFC, in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, has developed the “Cinema for All Project” that targets 16 reform and rehabilitation centers in various parts of the Kingdom.

The launch of the project was preceded by the organization of several cinematic events in reform and rehabilitation centers that succeeded remarkably. Cooperation continued with the signing of the “Cinema for All Project” memorandum of understanding between the RFC and the Public Security Directorate, represented by the Rehabilitation and Correction Centers Department, in 2018, which is renewed annually.

The project aims to employ cinematic culture and its positive impact in providing a cultural, social and entertaining outlet for the inmates, which enhances their chances of engaging with the community outside, where similar events are rarely organized, by showing a group of local and international films that correspond with the conditions of any cultural activity inside any center. The project has so far served more than ten thousand inmates in previous years.