Jordan Children Film Festival

The Jordan Children Film Festival is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and one of the few in the Arab region that focuses solely on films for the youth. The festival comes as a complementary step to the efforts of The Royal Film Commission – Jordan and its existing programs, which aim to provide interactive cinematic events for children. The RFC launched the first round of the festival in November 2022.

The festival showcases a selection of international and Arab feature-length and short live-action and animated films, followed by discussions with cinema specialists, which provides an opportunity for children to discuss and express their opinions and contribute to the development of their cinematic knowledge. The festival also strives to reach the largest audience from different backgrounds through partnerships with several local institutions, non-governmental organizations, and schools. There are two juries – one composed of professionals and specialists, and the other of young people – who choose the winning films, while the audience votes for its favorite film.

Alongside the screenings, the festival pays special attention to the training aspect by organizing workshops that introduce children to the basics and techniques of filmmaking with the aim of developing their abilities and highlighting their talents.