Rawi Screenwriters Lab


For hundreds of years, the Rawi, or storyteller, would stand amidst a crowd of attentive listeners and recite tales that were enriching, educating and entertaining. Storytelling has, and will always be, embedded in our culture. The Rawi Screenwriters Lab promises to continue this tradition.; a collaborative effort between the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) and the Sundance Institute.  

This formula has proven successful over the years: since Rawi was founded in 2005, more than one hundred projects have passed through the program with commendable results. 


We will continue unveiling the region’s exceptional talent and narratives as part of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan’s (RFC) goal to mold a new generation of Arab artists who will convey our stories. In addition, we will carry on supporting Alumni filmmakers until their projects are developed, completed, and seen by worldwide audiences. 


Internationally renowned screenwriters from all around the world undertake the role of Rawi’s Creative Advisors, as they join the Lab to guide the aspiring screenwriters, honing and maximizing their creative talents; not just by developing their entry scripts but also by equipping them with the necessary tools and skills to guide them throughout all their future screenwriting endeavors. 


Rawi’s Creative Consultants play a pivotal role in Rawi Screenwriters Lab as they carefully go through all the submitted scripts making sure the ones selected are those showing promise and most likely to benefit from the lab. 


Over the past 18 years, the lab has supported under the mentorship of around 100 advisors more 143 emerging screenwriters and counting, from different Arab countries including: Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Kuwait, Algeria, Iran, Yeman, Sudan, Bahrain and the UAE. 


Scroll below to get to know the scriptwriters/filmmakers who took part in Rawi Screenwriters Lab, and get to know the Creative Advisors and Consultant along the years 2005- 2023: 


Creative Advisor