In this bulletin: 1. Rawi Screenwriters Lab (RSL):  Call for Submission 2. Karama Yemen Film Festival:  Call for Submission 3. The Lebanese Film Festival of France (FFLF): Call for Submission 4. Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival: Call for Submission 5. Beirut Shorts International Film Festival: Call for Submission 6. Star Film Festival: Call for Submission 7. The London International Screenwriting Competition: Call for Submission 8. 2nd ECO Film Lab: International Film Residency: Call for Submission

1.   Rawi Screenwriters Lab (RSL):  Call for Submission

Rawi Screenwriters Lab (RSL) Chosen Arab Screenwriters (Fellows) are granted the opportunity to develop their first or second feature-length narrative screenplays under the guidance of critically acclaimed screenwriters (Creative Advisors). Advisors will have one-on-one intensive sessions and conversations with the Fellows about their projects to embrace their vision and help them find the most compelling way to tell their stories.


· Complete feature narrative screenplay is required.

· Only Arab screenwriters, regardless of their country of residence, are eligible to apply.

· Independent screenwriters, co-writers or writers/directors can apply.

· Eligible applicants are those working on their first or second feature narrative screenplay.

· Rawi Alumni are not eligible to apply.

The main application requirements are: (all to be submitted through the form)

1. Cover letter: Introducing yourself and your project (max 500 words). There are no strict requirements for this letter, except that, ideally, we would like to have an idea of who you are, what is your script about, and how do you think the lab will help you. e.g.: why are you applying to the Lab? Are you collaborating with a co-writer or a director on the project? Do you intend to direct the project? What is the status of the project at the stage of submission?

2. Complete feature narrative screenplay: must include a title page with the project title, name of the writer as well as the project registration number

3. Logline: a one to two sentences description of the project (max 75 words).

4. Synopsis: a brief summary of your script’s plot, the main characters, key story points, including the ending (max 500 words).

5. Filmmaker’s statement: description of your vision and creative approach to the project and why you want to tell this story (max 500 words).

6. Screenwriter’s biography: in paragraph format and not CV or filmography (max 350 words).

7. Online links of your previous works: short, feature or documentary film, and you don’t have to be the main writer or director. All previous works submitted must have English subtitles.


Important note:

Screenplays submitted in Arabic will only be accepted initially, given that an English translation is provided once requested by the Rawi team. This however does not apply to the remaining application material which must be submitted in English from the beginning.

This is because members of the selection committee and the Lab’s Creative Advisors do not all speak Arabic, as the Lab always aims to collaborate with readers and advisors not only from the Arab region, but also from all around the world, in order to ensure that submitted projects are being reviewed from different perspectives, and fellows are receiving diverse feedback.

For submissions and more details about the Lab, please visit this link.

2.  Karama Yemen Film Festival:  Call for Submission

Karama Yemen Film Festival is the first and only film festival in Yemen. Acting as a window to the world, and a window into Yemeni culture, the festival aims to provide Yemenis with open, safe, and free platforms that employ the arts to discuss topics related to human rights, social justice, and democracy. The programme runs on an annual basis with a mission to normalize artistic and cultural platforms and festivals and to encourage public participation in the arts. It works to promote cinema and visual media across the Yemeni people and acts as a bridge between local and international audiences. The programme targets young Yemenis, HR defenders, artists, creative creators, researchers, and cultural practitioners, and brings them together with audience members to embark on a journey of learning and exploration through cinema and film, through discussion and debate, and through fostering spontaneous safe spaces. As such, the programme further wishes to attract decision-makers and the regional and international community to advocate for HR issues concerning Yemeni youth.  

Each year, the festival has a different theme, and an open call is made for film submissions and panel discussions. The festival is launched and includes a number of activities like film screenings, panel discussions, master classes, and festival awards. The festival is unique in its ability to bring people together and allow them to discuss unconventional topics that are often considered “taboo”, and as such emphasize the role of the arts in motivating positive change and contributing to more diverse and accepting communities. Awards & Prizes A selection of films will compete in the following Barran Award.

All awards come with a Cash Price awarded to the director/producer of the Film. Best Short Fiction Film Best Short Documentary Best Yemeni Film.


Deadline: 7th April, 2024.


Website: https://www.karamafestival.org/

For submission: https://filmfreeway.com/KaramaYemenHumanRightsFilmFestival

3. The Lebanese Film Festival of France (FFLF): Call for Submission
The Lebanese Film Festival of France (FFLF) is an annual festival dedicated to Lebanese cinema and Lebanese international society. Its first edition took place in Paris at the Lincoln cinema in 2020. The FFLF aims at challenging filmmakers through short and feature film competition. Deadline: 21st March, 2024 Rules & Terms a. The film is directed by at least one person of Lebanese nationality and/or produced/coproduced by a Lebanese company. b. This film is not subject to litigation and is not threatened by any litigation at the time of its release. c. I am duly authorized to submit this film to the FFLF and its competition and I agree that the FFLF reserves the right to screen my film or excerpts of my film for promotional purposes, including on the FFLF's and FFLF's partners' web media. d. In the event that the nominated party is unable to attend the award ceremony, I agree that a member of the film team (e.g. the director and/or producer - as indicated in the film's credits) will receive the award(s) in his/her place. I should send a letter or email giving him/her power of attorney. e. If the film is selected as a FFLF participant, the film's media clips must be provided by the date indicated on the selection notice (trailer, etc.). f. If I am selected as a participant, I will deliver the film in the requested format with FRENCH subtitles (standard French) by the date requested on the selection notice. Films without subtitles and not in the proper format will be disqualified. g. The film submitted to the FFLF will not be publicly available online until after the festival. h. I agree to prepare a viewing link, posters, and images from my film in advance. i. Any film sent after the final deadline will not be selected for the competition.

For more information please visit: https://filmfreeway.com/LebaneseFilmFestivalFrance

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/fflfofficial/?hl=en

4Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival: Call for Submission

Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival is an annual event held in Alexandria, Egypt. It aims to disseminate film culture and the progress achieved in various branches of film art and to strength the relations among filmmakers throughout the world in general and Mediterranean countries in particular.

Rules and Regulations: 1- Films completed after 1st January, 2022 are eligible for submission. 2- International feature films submissions, Egyptian premiere is a must – feature films that were screened previously in Egypt won’t be taken into consideration. 3- Filmmakers are invited to submit their original work to Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival (AMFF) for the above listed categories and as per the assigned duration of each category. 4- Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival (AMFF) holds the right to: • Select the film that is qualified to be in the official selection of the festival. • Use the selected films for trailers and publicity usage. • Screen the winning films in other related events inside Egypt, and recommend the winning films to other international film festivals that collaborate with AMFF after the approval of the filmmakers. 5- Submission fees are non-refundable and non-reimbursable under any circumstances; AMFF does not reimburse any submission fees for films that are not selected for the festival programme, or that withdrow their submissions at any time. 6- AMFF retains the right to accept or decline any film, for whatever reason, without any explanation. 7- Applicant admits that he/she is authorized to submit the film, being the rights-holder or authorized representative of the film. 8- AMFF receives exhibition copy in QuickTime 1080p HD 8 bit uncompressed or Apple ProRes file or equivalent via a downloadable link. 9- All International films must have English subtitles. 10- Screening fees must be declared prior to or upon submission. If a screening fee is only indicated after the official selection has been announced, the festival retains the right to revoke the film's acceptance. 11- Short films runtime must not exceed 50 minutes, all films above 51 minutes should be submitted to the feature films competition.

Deadline: 18th March, 2024

Website: https://filmmakers.festhome.com/f/8396/

For submission: https://filmfreeway.com/AlexandriaMediterraneanFilmFestivalEgypt

5Beirut Shorts International Film Festival: Call for Submission
Beirut Shorts - NDU International Film Festival is celebrated annually under its constant theme, “The Power of Youth.” As the theme reflects, the Mission of Beirut Shorts is to (a) promote young filmmakers by screening their films in front of a large audience base, and (b) promote their talents and artistic excellence. BSIFF accepts both Lebanese and international short films in all mentioned categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Web & New Media; applicants may be graduating students or independent filmmakers. Beirut Shorts believes in providing equal opportunities for Lebanese and foreign participants “in a spirit of openness that embraces all cultures, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, or sect;” BSIFF “promotes diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good.”

Deadline: 18th March, 2024  

Website: https://beirutshorts.com/

For submission: https://filmfreeway.com/BeirutShortsInternationalFilmFestival

6. Star Film Festival: Call for Submission

The international festival showcases the work of young filmmakers from across the globe, blending simplicity with depth. With categories spanning documentary, fiction, industrial, experimental, and animated films, they offer a platform for emerging talent to shine. Star Film Fest nurtures film culture in Sisak and beyond, offering movie buffs the experience of outdoor screenings beneath the stars. Beyond the festival’s competitive programme, it proudly champions the transformative power of cinema through exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and discussions on pressing issues.

Deadline: 19th May, 2024

Awards & Prizes Official awards of the Star Film Fest are: Competitive programme: GENERAL SPONSOR NAME – for the best industrial film STAR – For the best documentary film STAR – For the best fiction film STAR – For the best experimental film STAR – For the best animated film Special awards: STARDUST – For audience choice SPECIAL STAR – Selector's award (the selection commission awards one award) SPECIAL STAR – For the best student film The official awards consist of a statue, certificate, and sponsorship gifts.

For more submission: https://filmfreeway.com/StarFilmFestSisak?utm_campaign=Star+Film+Fest&utm_medium=External&utm_source=Submission+Button

Website: https://sfilmfest.com/en/

7. The London International Screenwriting Competition: Call for Submission

The London International Screenwriting Competition is a regular event that focuses on what gets your scripts read by agents in Hollywood or Soho: those first 5 pages. Entering the LSC is not only about the opportunity to add a win to your CV, but also an opportunity to get extensive feedback that can raise your script to the next level! All screenplays will be evaluated by professional readers and award-winning screenwriters, based on their first 5 pages - the pages that really count. For a slightly higher entry fee you can request an additional analysis of your screenplay's text, benchmarking it to the writing style of the prestigious Hollywood Black List using a cutting-edge Neural Network. This includes recommendations on how to make your writing style compete with that of those buzz-worthy screenwriters.

Deadline: 19th March, 2024 Awards & Prizes Winner: 45-minute career consultation with one of our experts on getting representation, full studio style coverage of a whole script of your choice by one of our judges (3 pages of feedback), free lifetime access to the LSC Black List/Oscars Neural Network, and name announced on londonswc.com and our social media. Finalists: Free lifetime access to the LSC Black List/Oscars Neural Network and names announced on londonswc.com and our social media. All of the above have the option of having their script hosted on londonswc.com

Website: https://londonswc.com/

For submission: https://filmfreeway.com/LondonScreenwritingCompetition

8. 2nd ECO Film Lab: International Film Residency: Call for Submission

Following the success of the 1st ECO Lab, IAFM is going to organize the 2nd ECO Film Lab: An International Film Residency programme with support from the Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh and in cooperation with the Green Film School Alliance and Isabela Foundation. This ECO Film Lab will be held in world’s largest mangrove forest and UNESCO reorganized world heritage SUNDARBANS. This is a 15-day intensive mentorship programme to amplify sustainable film production practice as well as the Green Filming initiative. As part of the lab module, there will be five days of online sessions with global film professionals and ten days of physical lab on-site under the residency mentorship. 6 to 9 participants in 3 groups will make 3 short films based on location, followed by the Human, Nature, and Climate Change thematic approach. They will follow the basic roles of sustainable film production and green filming guidelines. Date: March 19th – 23rd, 2024: Online sessions March 28th – April 7th, 2024: Physical sessions in Sundarban, Bangladesh

Deadline: March 17th, 2024


Screenwriting software support by: Scriptation (Paperless filming initiative)

Cinematography & Cinematographer support by: Lodz Film School, Poland Post-production support by: American Film Institute, USA Lodz Film School. Poland Don Bosco International Media Academy, France. One year full free scholarship by: Sundance Collab, USA (Feature film development, Idea to Script) Fellowship: Don Bosco International Media Academy, France (Filmmaking) Raindance Film Institute, UK (Filmmaking) Festival des 3 Continents, France (International co-production feature project development) Film Grant: International co-production grant for selected feature film/s Residential mentor (Physical): Mr. Pushpender Singh International acclaimed Indian filmmaker Alumni, FTII Former HoD, Screen Acting, FTII

Registration link:  2nd ECO Film Lab Sundarban: An International Film Residency program (google.com)