Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea

Date of Event:
06-09-2023 20:00 PM
The Royal Film Commission-Jordan
Marcel Barrena
Production Year:

Marcel Barrena, 112 minutes, Drama, Spanish with English subtitles, 2021, Spain and Greece. 

Based on true events. Two lifeguards, Òscar and Gerard, travel to Lesbos (Greece) shocked by the photograph of a drowned child in the waters of the Mediterranean. Upon arrival, they discover a shocking reality: thousands of people risk their lives every day crossing the sea in precarious boats fleeing armed conflicts. However, no one carries out rescue work. Together with other members of the team, they struggle to give support to the thousands of people in need. For all of them, this journey will be an odyssey that will change their lives. 

The film won eight awards at different film festivals including: Best Cinematography and Best Production Design at the 36th Edition of The Goya Awards (2022), and Best Cinematography at the IX Platino Ibero-American Film Awards. It was also nominated for more than 15 awards.