Hanging Gardens

Screening of Winning Films at the Amman International Film Festival


Hanging Gardens

Ahmed Yassin Al Daradji, 107 minutes, Drama, Arabic with English subtitles, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, UK and Saudi Arabia, 2022.  

As’ad and Taha barely scrape a living as rubbish pickers in ‘Hanging Gardens’ -the local nickname for Baghdad’s smoldering dumps- yet they make the most of what they have. One day, As’ad discovers an American sex doll. When he brings the taboo item home and presents her as a thing of beauty, Taha assaults his little brother for ruining their reputation. Little do they know; their whole life will change because of this doll.   

This is the first feature narrative film for its director.  It has won numerous awards, including: Jury Award at the Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film in 2023, Best Feature Film and Best Cinematic Contribution at the 2022 Red Sea International Film Festival. It was also competing at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.