What Brings You Here? Saber Wasel, eight minutes, Drama, Arabic with English subtitles, 2022. The film explores themes of identity and belonging in the context of Jamme’a, a fisherman who unexpectedly emigrated from Somalia to Aden, Yemen at an early
Organized by The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut – Jordan and Rum Pictures
Amman, 3 December 2023 The 18th edition of Rawi Screenwriters Lab wrapped up last Wednesday 29th November, with the participation of eight Arab screenplay writers (Rawi Fellows), who worked intensively on developing their promising feature-length
Peter Budinsky, 85 minutes, Animation, Czech and Slovak with Arabic and English subtitles, 2022. Far beyond the borders of gloomy everyday stereotypes lies a magical world called Yourland. There the ravens act like the men, the building cranes walk
Dong Xinwen & Shapkat Murat, 86 minutes, Comedy/Family, Chinese with Arabic and English subtitles, 2023. A story about courage and love. For various reasons, Angsar has not been able to have a horse of his own like other Kazakh children until one day
Mark Schlichter, 92 minutes, Comedy/Family, German with Arabic and English subtitles, 2022. Alfons Zitterbacke is in love. The beloved is his new classmate Leonie, whom he finds simply stunning. When a school trip is coming up, Alfons wants to seize
Pan Chaofeng, 96 minutes, Drama, Chinese with Arabic and English subtitles, 2022. A young boy who lives in the pastoral areas of Tibet dreams of buying a pony. The film was selected to Pingyao "Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger" International Film
Andrey Hadjivasilev, 90 minutes, Adventure/Family/Comedy, Bulgarian with Arabic and English subtitles, 2022. Aspiring young "inventor" Tony is working on a wireless electricity device inspired by the eccentric genius Nikola Tesla. Tony is a firm
Between Two Pictures Saleh Alarosi, 10 minutes, Drama, Yemeni Arabic with Arabic subtitles, 2022. A movie between two pictures, a human drama, that sheds light on children who suffer from a difficult psychological situation in light of what they live