The Little Horsewhip

Date of Event:
28-11-2023 16:00 PM
Rainbow Cinema
Dong Xinwen & Shapkat Murat
Production Year:

Dong Xinwen & Shapkat Murat, 86 minutes, Comedy/Family, Chinese with Arabic and English subtitles, 2023. 

A story about courage and love. For various reasons, Angsar has not been able to have a horse of his own like other Kazakh children until one day, his father's friend quietly sent a horse named Fei Laike. In the process of competing with his brother for the right to ride, Fei Laike was injured. In the process of treating Fei Laike, Angsar met Xiao Meili, the granddaughter of the veterinarian. After learning the story of Xiao Meili and her father, Angsar decided to win the championship, meanwhile, rode the camel which is the prize for the championship to Antarctic with Xiao Meili to find her father.

The film was nominated for Best Children's Film and Best Music at the 2023 Golden Rooster Awards.