The Lion Woman

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21-05-2024 20:00 PM
The Royal Film Commission-Jordan
فيبيكي إدسو
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The Lion Woman

Vibeke Idsøe, 120 minutes, Drama, Norwegian with English subtitles, 2016, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. 

Based on the internationally acclaimed bestseller by Erik Fosnes Hansen of the same title, the film is set in the years 1912-1937. The Lion Woman tells the epic and beautiful story of Eva who is born with a body fully covered in hair. Despite the many challenges she is faced with due to her appearance, she manages to face and overcome them. Her exceptional intelligence takes her from a small railroad station community to the big world. 

The film won the SCORE Bernhard Wicki Award in silver at the 2017 International Filmfest Emden-Norderney. It also received four other nominations.