Foxter & Max

Date of Event:
28-09-2023 20:00 PM
The Royal Film Commission-Jordan
Anatolii Mateshko
Production Year:

Anatolii Mateshko, 86 minutes, Family/Adventure, Ukrainian with Arabic and English subtitles, 2019, Ukraine. A twelve-year-old schoolboy Max runs away from home and hides under a bridge. There he finds a can of nano-paints and draws a graffiti of a dog. Suddenly the graffiti drawn by the boy comes to life and turns into a nanorobot dog with superpowers. And now they are both being hunted by a dangerous criminal who will stop at nothing in order to seize this powerful technology. Max gets into a whirlwind of adventures thanks to which he finds real friends. The film won the Golden Dziga Award for Best Editing and Best Visual Effects at the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards, 2020. It also won the Grand Prize for Best Film at the Children KinoFest in Ukraine, as well as the Dream Award at the Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival, 2020.