Club of Angels (O Clube dos Anjos)

Date of Event:
23-06-2024 20:00 PM
The Royal Film Commission-Jordan
Angelo Defanti
Production Year:

Club of Angels (O Clube dos Anjos)

Angelo Defanti, 102 minutes, Drama/Dark Comedy, Portuguese with Arabic and English subtitles, 2020, Brazil.

None of them could resist. Over three decades, seven friends saw their brotherhood monthly meetings turn from rituals of power to melancholy reunions of failures. The end would be a dignified destiny. Until a mysterious chef appears with majestic banquets. The friendship bonds are back, gluttony as celebration of life. However, after each dinner, a member of the group turns up dead. What is the real reason for the deaths? And, above all, why do these men keep returning to the dinners?

The film won three awards at different film festivals in Brazil and internationally, including Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2023 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. It was also nominated for many more awards.