Jordan Children’s Film Festival

A collection of short films suitable for children above 10 years

Date of Event:
26-11-2023 16:00 PM
Rainbow Cinema

Between Two Pictures

Saleh Alarosi, 10 minutes, Drama, Yemeni Arabic with Arabic subtitles, 2022.  

A movie between two pictures, a human drama, that sheds light on children who suffer from a difficult psychological situation in light of what they live every day and also sometimes losing their parents, including the girl Sarah, who was a cheerful and happy child, but after losing her father she suffers from sadness and depression, and as a result she lives A constant state of fear and anxiety from any loud sound. 

The film participated in the Yemen Karama Short Film Festival.



Shima Tafesh, 27 minutes, Drama, Arabic with English subtitles, 2021.  

The story revolves around child labor, where the child, Radya, works in a hairdresser's shop and tries to get a doll for her younger sister, Hana, and when she fails in that, she makes her own doll to bring her sister happiness.



Jamal Basha, 22 minutes, Drama, Amazigh with Arabic and English subtitles, 2021.  

Ines is a disabled girl who studies at an elementary school.
The film won six awards, including the Best Short Film Award in honor of people with special needs at the Fig Tree Festival in France, and a special mention from the jury at the National Short Film Days B Tissemsilt in 2021.


Yassin Ait Faqir, seven minutes, Drama, no dialogue, 2023.  

A village girl shows great determination as she pursues the path to learning, not caring about what awaits her, only to realize in the end that determination alone is not enough. 

The film won several awards, including Best Actress at the Cinecafé Festival, Best Director at the Assa Zag International Desert Cinema Festival, and the Jury Prize at the Caméra Kids Festival, all in 2023.

Mum is Pouring Rain

Hugo De Faucompret, 27 minutes, Animation, French with Arabic subtitles, 2021.  

Jane is looking forward to spending Christmas with her mom who is going through a little depression, but she is sent unknowingly to her grandma’s instead. The holidays turn out to be quite an adventure as Jane meets new friends: Cloclo, the gigantic hobo who lives in the forest, and Sonia and Leon, two local kids. As she learns to open herself to others, Jane will inspire her mother the necessary strength to get back on her feet. 

The film won 13 international awards including Best TV Special at the 2021 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. It was also nominated for 14 more awards.