Wadi Araba


Arabah is 166 kilometres (103 miles) in length, from the Gulf of Aqaba to the southern shore of the Dead Sea. Topographically, the region is divided into three sections. From the Gulf of Aqaba northward, the land gradually rises over a distance of 77 kilometres (48 miles) and reaches a height of 230 metres (750 feet) above sea level, which represents the watershed divide between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. From this crest, the land slopes gently northward over the next 74 kilometres (46 miles) to a point 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) south of the Dead Sea. In the last section, the Arabah drops steeply to the Dead Sea, which is 417 metres (1,368 feet) below sea level. The Arabah is scenic with colorful cliffs and sharp-topped mountains, while the southern Arabah is hot and dry and virtually without rain.


 Wadi Araba to Amman: 260 KM, approximately 3 hours 15 minutes of driving.  Wadi Araba to Aqaba: 65 KM, approximately 50 minutes of driving.  Dead Sea to QAIA: 275 KM, approximately 3 hours 20 minutes of driving.

Internet Access
Mobile broadband (4G)

50 minutes of driving to reach markets, shops, restaurants, banks & ATMs, hardware stores, stationery stores, computer & network hardware stores in Aqaba.


50 minutes of driving to reach 15+ hotels and hotel apartments are available in Aqaba.

Medical Services

50 minutes of driving to reach 3 hospitals, 10+ medical centers, clinics & medical laboratories, and 15+ pharmacies in Aqaba. 


 Average high °C (°F) 47.0 (116.6) in July. Average low °C (°F) 12.7 (54.9) in January.