Halaqat is an annual program that aims to nurture a new generation of TV creators in Jordan, equipping them with the high-caliber skills needed for TV writing while establishing connections within a professional network to support their post-program endeavors. The program will elevate the landscape of TV content creation in Jordan to international standards and usher in a fresh wave of TV visionaries.

The program unfolds with a focus on three key objectives. Firstly, it seeks to enhance the capabilities of aspiring TV creators in the art of TV writing and pitching. Secondly, it aspires to cultivate a collection of top-notch Arabic TV concepts that can attract interest for production both locally and on a broader scale. Finally, the program aims to facilitate crucial connections between TV creators in Jordan and influential figures within the local and regional television industry.

Halaqat opens its doors to individual writers and teams of co-writers with TV projects in development. The program begins with an in-person kick-off lab that brings in seasoned local and regional TV creators as advisors to the participating screenwriters. Advisors conduct group and one-on-one sessions, forging the initial roadmap for the TV series projects.

A virtual writing lab follows, where the writers collaborate on character development, story arcs, series structure, and full pilot scripts, with group feedback sessions and personalized guidance from advisors. The program further includes a pitching lab, held virtually and in-person where teams craft compelling 10-minute pitches and pitch decks.

Lastly, the project market will take place in Amman, Jordan, and will serves as the grand finale, inviting representatives from local, regional, and international production companies, TV channels, and streaming platforms. Here, each of the screenwriters presents their pitch to potential partners, followed by one-on-one meetings to discuss their projects in depth.

In the first edition of Halaqat, six Jordanian TV projects were developed and pitched to over 20 production companies, TV channels, and streaming platforms from Jordan and the region, which included major companies such as Shahid, Netflix, and OSN. The advisors that supported the teams to develop their projects included established film and TV professionals including Nadia Tabbara, Reem Hanna, Tamer Mohsen, Rami Hanna, Dave Holestein, Jill Condon, Rula Nasser, Joelle Bitar, Heba Othman and Stefano Tealdi.