Cinematic Adaptation Program

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC), organised a transformative Cinematic Adaptation program spanning two cycles in 2021 and 2022, where a total of 14 talented screenwriters were accepted. The primary objective of this program was to build the capacity of screenwriters, both in general and specifically in the art of adaptation. Over the course of these cycles, the program's focus centered on developing feature narrative scripts, drawn from seven Jordanian and Arabic novels. This process aimed to yield scripts that were polished, ready for production, and were suitable for submission to production funds. The program's broader mission was to elevate the skill and creativity of scriptwriters while fostering the growth of cinematic storytelling in the region.

Led by Egyptian screenwriter and film critic Ramy Abdelrazeq, the workshop allowed Arab novelists to submit their works, and participants were trained in the process of adapting literature into cinematic narratives. The program consisted of four stages over five weeks, combining virtual and in-person sessions. These stages included novel and film analysis, practical applications, collaborative adaptation work, and screenwriting. By fostering talent and enhancing the cinematic storytelling landscape, the RFC aims to contribute to the growth of the Jordanian and Arab film industry.