Board Of Commissioners

Yasar Durra

Yasar has a passion for cinema rooted in his belief that it is an indispensable medium essential for the creation of identity and celebrating the humanity of the people of Jordan. He advocates for the industry as he believes in its capacity to contribute to a better life and a tangible role in the quest for freedom of expression, not only in Jordan but also in the region.
Yasar engages with students of media JMI – Jordan Media Institute, offering support and guidance to foster their creativity and ensure that their stories reach a wider audience. He is dedicated to promoting diverse voices and perspectives and champions stories that challenge societal norms and shed light on important issues.
Yasar's vision for the future of the film industry in Jordan is one of growth, innovation, and inclusivity. He envisions a thriving industry that nurtures local talent, encourages collaboration between filmmakers, and attracts international recognition. Through his role at the Royal Film Commission, Yasar strives to create an environment that empowers filmmakers to push boundaries, tell impactful stories, and contribute to the cultural fabric of Jordan.
Beyond his professional achievements, Yasar is a devoted advocate for the power of film and music to inspire change and foster dialogue. He regularly participates in film events, lectures, and workshops, sharing his knowledge and insights to inspire students and future young filmmakers. He is convinced that cinema has the ability to bridge cultural divides, ignite empathy, and ultimately create a more unified and understanding world.
His journey started at the BBC Television School in London, which prepared him for work as a television director at the nascent Jordan TV. He gained a great experience in the five years he spent there and moved to London, where he lived and worked for 33 years in the field of television news and documentary film production.