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Screenings organized by the RFC 2011:

December 3 to December 21:

  • 21 December: Screening of Palestinian Feature Length Documentary “The Invisible Policeman” at the Rainbow Cinema.
  • 19 December: Screening of the Documentary "Freedom Riders" at the RFC.
  • 11 - 15 December: Screening of five German films at the RFC.
  • 6 December: Screening of Two Documentaries “Shock Waves” and “ The Forgotten Women” at the RFC.
  • 3 December: The screening of children Films at Queen Rania Park.

November 22 to November 30:
  • 28 - 30 November: Screening of a selection of short and feature-length films from the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai at the RFC.
  • 22 & 23 November : Screening of Documentaries by the Lebanese director Haddad Zaccak at the RFC.

October 9 to November 3:
  • 30 October-3 November : screening of internationally acclaimed movies by Milos Forman at the Rainbow Theater.
  • 18 & 19 October: screening of selected short films from “Women’s Voices from the Muslim World” Film Festival at the RFC.
  • 17 October: screening of selected short films from “Women’s Voices from the Muslim World” Film Festival in Madaba.
  • 9-11 October: Screening of three Spanish feature films at the RFC.

September 6 to September 26:
  • 18-26 September: Screening of 15 European films and 2 short Jordanian films within the 23rd edition of the European film Festival at the RFC and Rainbow theater in addition to screenings in Ma’an and Zarqa.
  • 6-8 September: Screening of three Chilean feature films at the RFC.

August 13 to August 18:
  • 13-18 August: Screening of a selection of recently-made Arab narrative feature films at the RFC.

July 5 to July 27:
  • 27 July: Screening of the Iraqi Award-winning Narrative "Son of Babylon" in the presence of the producer Attia Al-Daradji at the RFC.
  • 24 July: Screening of “18 Days” in the presence of the producer Fadi Fahim at the RFC.
  • 18-20 July: Screening of 3 selected feature Algerian films at the RFC.
  • 13 July: Screening of the German-Spanish film “One Day In Europe” at the RFC.
  • 5-7 July: Screening of 3 Narrative new films from Venezuela at the RFC.

June 1 to June 29:
  • 29 June: Screening of “Forbidden” in the presence of the Director Amal Ramsis at the RFC.
  • 18-23 June: Screening of a selection of films for the Franco-Arab film festival in addition to a screening of Jordanian short films at the RFC and HCC.
  • 6-8 June: Selection of 3 Narrative Feature Films by Spanish Woman Directors at the RFC.
  • 1st of June: Screening of the Documentary Film “Grandma, a Thousand Times” in the presence of Lebanese Director Mahmoud Kaabour at the RFC.

May 9 to May 30:
  • 30 May: Screening of the Documentary Film “Maria’s Grotto” in the presence of Palestinian Director Buthina Khoury at the RFC.
  • 16 & 17 May: Screening of a selection of German and Jordanian short animated Films at the RFC.
  • 9 & 10 May: Screening of two Dutch Films “Stages” and “Oblivion” at the RFC.

April 5 to April 26:
  • 26 April: Screening of “Malaki: Scent of an Angel” by Lebanese Director Khalil Zaarour at the RFC.
  • 20 April: Screening of the Bulgarian film “Voice Over” by Director Svetoslav Ovtcharov at the RFC.
  • 17 April: Screening of the multi award-winning film “Amadeus” by Director Milos Foreman at the RFC.
  • 13 April: Screening of the Romanian documentary film “The World According to Ion B” at the RFC.
  • 5-7 April: Selection of Films by Eric Rohmer “My Night at Maud's”, “Claire’s Knee" and “Pauline at the Beach” at the RFC.

March 8 to March 30:
  • 30 March: Screening of the documentary film “Quest for Honor” In the presence of the Director Mary Ann Smothers Bruni at the RFC.
  • 8-10 March: Screening of a collection of Egyptian films, “Hawi”, “Living Among Us”, “Today, 30 November”, “Blue and Red”, “Sometimes”, “Six Girls” and “Rise and Shine” at the Royal Cultural Center.

February 15 to March 1:
  • 28 February & 1st of March: Screening of “My Father From Haifa” and “Go With Peace Jamil” for the Palestinian-Danish Director Omar Shargawy.
  • 15-21 February: Screening of Japanese films at the Royal Cultural Center and the Embassy of Japan.

January 5 to February 3:
  • 30 January-3 February: Screening of award-winning and internationally acclaimed Turkish films at the RFC.
  • 24-26 January: Ismailia Films Days in Amman in cooperation with the Ismailia Int'l Documentary & Short Films Festival at the RFC.
  • 20 January: Screening of the documentary film “Roads to Memphis” at the RFC.
  • 17&18 January: Screening of the Jordanian documentary film “This is My Picture When I Was Dead”at the Royal Cultural Center.
  • 12 January: Screening of the narrative feature film “Route Irish” at AlHussain Cultural Center.
  • 5 January: Screening of the Algerian documentary film “Africa is Back” at the RFC.