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Screenings organized by the RFC 2009:

December 2 to December 17:

  • 28 December: Screening of "Watani Habeebi" (My Beloved Homeland) and a collection of short silent films by Lumiere Brothers on the occasion of the first film screening on 28 December 1895.
  • 11 - 17 December: Iraqi Film Week in corporation with Goethe Institute - Iraq. The films screened were: "The Spirit of Cinema", "Zaman, The Man From The Reeds", "The Story of Marshes", "What I've Lost", "Ali The Iraqi", "Personal Calendar", "Walls", "The Key", "Press", "My Name is Mohammed", "Hesopotamia", "Capturing War", "Red Zone Citizens", "Jaber Alwan", "Memory and Roots" and "80 - 82".
  • 8 December: Screening of "Inside Mecca" in the presence of the director Anisa Mahdi.
  • 3-5 December: Screening at king Abdualla || cultural center – zarqa. The films screened were: "Home", "Amman East, Amman West", "She the Policman", "God of the House" and "Scent of a woman".
  • 2 December: Screening of Jordanian shorts in corporation with the Jordanian National Commission for Women at the Royal Cultural Center in Amman, Irbid and Aqaba. The films screened were: "My City", "She the Policeman" and "Captain Abu Raed".

November 17 to November 25:
  • 23-25 November: Children's Rights Festival in cooperation with the UNICEF. The films screened were: "Back Home Tomorrow", "Deadly Playground", "Toti", "Walking The Path of Unity", "Sari's Mother", "Which Way Home".
  • 17 November: Screening of "Rescue Dawn" in the presence of the director Vernor Herzog.

October 1 to October 27:
  • 27 October: screening of "The Day After Peace" by Jeremey Gilley at the RFC.
  • 20-22 October: "Irish Film Days" in cooperation with 3rdMan productions and BMI with the Support of Spin FM and in the precense of Irish filmmakers and actors. The films screened were: "Garage", "Free Chips Forever", Silver Bow", "The Herd', "Undressing My Mother", "Brother", Tufty", "New Boy", Death in the West", "Revelations", "Frankie" and "The Wednesdays".
  • 11-14 October: "Seeing Green - Jordan's Environmental Film Days" in Cooperation with the embassies of USA, Britain, France and Holland, the European Union, the British Council and the Jordan Green Building Council. The films screened were: "Ramin", "Here Comes The Sun", "Plastic Bags", "No Impact Man", "The Last Drop", "The Age of Stupid" and "Home".
  • 1 October: Screening of documentaries in the frame work of "Al-Quds, Capital of Arab Culture 2009".

September 2 to September 29:
  • 28-29 September: "Documentaries from the arab world" in cooperation with The Community Media Network. The films screened were: "Hear No Evil", "Tok Tok Diaries", "Cup of Coffee" and "Private File".
  • 7 & 11 September: The 15th Children Festival at Zarqa. The films screened were: "Howl's Moving Castle" and Jordanian short films.
  • 8 Sptember: Screening King Abdulla || Cultural Center in Zarqa. The film screened was "Vitus".
  • 2 September: Screening at Musa Sakket Center in Salt. The films screened were: "Zozo" and "Howl's Moving Castle".

August 3 to August 11:
  • 11 August: Screening of "Forbidden Lies" in the presence of the director Ann Broinowski.
  • 8 August: Screening of films by a group of young film-makers from Al Beidha village. The films screened were: “Tourism,” “Transportation,” “My School,” “My Health” and “Internet”.
  • 3 August: Screening of “Forbidden Childhood” at the RFC, in the presence of director Barbara Cupisti and Ali Abu Awwad.

July 1 to July 29:
  • 28 – 29 July: Tribute to the renowned Egyptian Director, Yousef Chahine at the RFC. The films screened were: “The Sparrow” followed by a discussion by film critic, Ziad Jayyousi and “Alexandria…New York” followed by a discussion by Ghada Saba, second assistant director.
  • 19 – 23 July: “Short Films Forum” organized in the framework of the Jordan Festival at the RFC and in the presence of the directors. The following films were screened: “God of the House” by Anas Balawi, “Visa” by Ibrahim Layatef, “The Political Song” by Sarah Abdo, “Holy Night” by Ashraf Lamar, “Maryami” by Ali Al Ali, “Duma” by Heba Joudeh, “Message Delivered, Message, Undelivered” by Feras Na’ana’a, “The Stroll” by Maria Papacharalambous and Achilleas Kentonis, “Game Not Over” by Achilleas Kentonis, “Anbar 6” by Nisreen Al Zayat, “Telepathy” by Ahmad Samara, “Between Two Borders” by Nogoum Al Ghanem, “When the Wind Weaves Flowers” by Bania Medjaber, “Listen” by Chris Wait, “The Glow” by Marcus Dillistone, “My Ear Can Hear” and “They Were Here” by Ammar Al Baik, “Borderlands” by Sawsan Darwazeh, “Picture Album” by Norhan Metwali, “Houria” by Mohamed Yarghi, “Paradise Evening” by Goma’a Al Sahli, “We Like Life Tomorrow” by Ismail Al Habash, “Dozan” by Ahmad Al Zeghoul, “The Misfortunes of Some” by Omar Amiralay, and “Shatter Hassan” by Mahmoud Al Massad.
  • 13th of July: Screening of “The Last Days of Yasser Arafat” at the RFC in the presence of director Sherine Salama.
  • 1st – 9th of July: “Franco-Arab Film Festival” in cooperation with the French Embassy, at Al Hussein Cultural Center.
  • 3rd of July: Screening of “The Land” and “Cairo as Seen by Chahin” by Youssef Chahin at RFC, in the framework of the Franco –Arab Film Festival.

June 2 to June 30:
  • 30th of June: Screening of “Zozo” by Josef Fares at Yarmouk University.
  • 28th – 30th of June: Screening of Canadian Films in the framework of “Canada Day” at the RFC. The films screened were: “The Blue Butterfly” by Lea Pool, “My Life with out Me” by Isabel Coixet and “Afghan Chronicles” by Dominic Morrisette.
  • 21st – 23rdof June: UNHCR films in the framework of “World Refugee Day” at the RFC. The films screened were: “Errant Home” by Nada Doumani, “New Year Baby” by Socucheata Poeuv, “Until When” by Dahna Abourahme and “God Grew Tired of Us” by Christopher Quinn.
  • 19th of June: Screening of “Zozo” by Josef Fares in the framework of Zarqa Cultural Festival.
  • 6th – 11th of June: “Swiss Film Week” in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy, at the Royal Cultural Center. The six films screened were: “Vitus” in the presence of the director Fredi Murer, “Das Fraulein” by Andrea Staka, “Im Norwind” by Bettina Oberli, “Mein Name ist Eugene” by Michael Stiener, “Wenn der Richtige Kommt” by Oliver Paulus and Stefan Hillebrand and “Die Herbstzeitlosen” by Bettina Oberli.
  • 2nd of June: Screening of “Captain Abu Raed” by Amin Matalqa at Mafraq.

May 10 to May 21:
  • 17th – 21st of May: Screening of American documentaries in the framework of the “American Documentary Film Week” in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in the presence of the director, Marshall Curry and film critic, Thomas White.
  • 10th of May: Screening of “Al Nakba” (the Catastrophe) by Rawan Al-Damin at RFC, in cooperation with Al-Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture and in the framework of the “Guardians of the Memory” Cultural Week.

April 15 to April 29:
  • 29th of April: Screening of “The Eye of the Sun” by Ibrahim Al Batout at Jordan University.
  • 27th of April – 1st of May: Screening of Dutch films at the RFC, in the framework of the “Dutch Festival”. The following five films were screened: “Shouf Shouf Habibi” by Albert Ter Heerdt and in the presence of the actor Maimoun Oaissa, “Nynke” by Pieter Verhoeff, “The Polish Bride” by Karim Taridia, “I am Mohamed” by Roy Dames, and “In Orange” by Joram Lursen.
  • 16th of April: “Beyond Stereotypes” an event in cooperation with the Danish Embassy, held at Al Hussein Cultural Center. The event included a screening of film clips from “An Arab Comes to Town” and “The Danish Experience” followed by a discussion.
  • 2nd of April: Screening of “Captain Abu Raed” by Amin Matalqa in Karak, in the framework of Karak Cultural City 2009.
  • 15th of April: Screening of “Red Satin” by Raja Al Amari at the RFC.

March 3 to March 29:
  • 29th of March: Screening of “Eye of the Sun” at the RFC in the presence of the director, Ibrahim Al Batout.
  • 11th of March: Screening of “Captain Abu Raed” by Amin Matalqa at Musa Saket Cultural Center in Salt.
  • 7th of March: Screening of RSICA student films at the RFC. The films screened were: “Big Stuff” by Issam Uriaqat, “Shelter” by Mustafa Abdel Aleem, “The Things that Roar” by Mervat Aksoy, “Abu Kamal” by Falah Hanoun and “Paper Dress” by Kassem Kharsa.
  • 3rd of March: Second screening of “Wedding in Ramallah” in the presence of the director, Sherine Salameh at the RFC.

February 7 to February 25:
  • 25th of February: Screening of “Wedding in Ramallah” in the presence of the director by Sherine Salameh at the RFC.
  • 19th of February: Screening of “Captain Abu Raed” by Amin Matalqa at King Abdallah Cultural Center in Zarqa.
  • 15th – 16th of February: Screening of student films. The films screened from Yarmouk University students are: “When the Sun Sets” by Salman Awamleh, “Salma and the Wolf” by Fadi Al Amarat, “Betrayal on a Birthday” by Ibrahim Al Qadi and “The Occupied Empire” by Assem Al Omari. The films by SAE Institute students are: “Beebi” by Lyn Fakhouri, “$10 Trip” by Mahmoud Al Shouli, “Sherri” by Reem Al Omari, “Circassian’s Displacement” by Mohamed Mrayyan and a film by RFC workshop participant, Omar Abdel Nabi “Mohamed Ali”.
  • 7th – 12th of February: “Russian Film Week” in cooperation with the Russian Embassy, at Al Hussain Cultural Center. The five films screened were: “Bless the Woman” by Stanislav Govorukhin, “Four Taxi Drivers and a Dog” by Fedor Popov, “The Italian” by Andrei Romanov, “The Last Weekend” by Pavel Sanaev and “About Love in any Weather” by Alla Surikova.

January 7 to January 8
  • 7th – 8th of January: Screening and discussion of "Gaza in Pictures", a collection of short documentaries by young film makers from Gaza. The films screened were: "A Roiter's Symphony", "This is my Homeland", "Night", "One Day and One More Day" and "Where Are You From...".