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Film Screening

Patas Arriba (Upside Down)

Date of Screening: 14-September-2017

Time of Screening: 20:00

Location of Screening: The Royal Film Commission

Director: Alejandro Wiedemann

Country: Venezuela

Production Year: 2011

90 min, Drama, Spanish with English subtitles

Ailing Renato knows his time is running out. His three children, devoted as they are, are now the ones to decide what is best for him. Montserrat, lovingly but firmly takes care of him. His other daughter, Anita, is pregnant and has a failing marriage. And Salvador, his son, suffered most with the loss of their mother.
It is with his granddaughter, little Carlotta, that Renato most enjoys his days. Wide-eyed, she takes on board the life lessons he shares with great affection.

Against Renato’s will, his daughters resolve to send him to hospital. But with Carlota as willing accomplice, he plots to escape and sail from Venezuela to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, as he once promised his deceased wife.

“Patas Arriba” is a reminder of the importance of family ties across generations.

The film has won Best Movie Award at the Venezuelan Film Festival in 2012.

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