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Jordan Children’s Film Festival

Date of Event: 24/11/2022

Time of Event:

Location of Event:

Jordan Children’s Film Festival
Screenings will be followed by discussions with film professionals
From Thursday 24th until Sunday 27th November 2022
at The Rainbow Theater, 1st Circle  

Free Entry

Thursday 24 November
At 6 PM

Jackie and Oopjen
(Suitable for children above 10 years)

Annemarie van de Mond, 87 min, Comedy, in Dutch with Arabic and English subtitles, Netherlands, 2020
Twelve-year-old Jackie has made Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, where her mother works, her second home. While Jackie is wandering around after hours, Oopjen Coppit, from Rembrandt’s famous painting, suddenly comes to life and appears in front of her; she is looking for her long-lost sister. Jackie is used to solving other people’s problems and decides to take her home, so they can go look for her sister. For Oopjen, a woman from the Golden Age, the 21st century is a big adventure and Jackie finally gains a real friend: a true best friend forever.
The movie has been nominated for the Grand Prize for Best Film at Children KinoFest as well as the Golden Award for Best Film of the Competition for Children and Youth at Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad”.

Friday 25 November
4 PM

A collection of short animation films suitable for children above 6 years

Boukef Med Taher Shawki, 6 min, Animation, Silent, Algeria, 2021
A small family of father and son ride their donkey on a long road to find the nearest hospital. But the trip soon ends with a surprise!

The film toured several regional and international festivals. It has won the President’s Grand Prize for Young Creators and Best Short Film Award at Bouira Film Festival in Algeria, the Jury Prize at the Al-Dahra International Film Festival in Oman, the Silver Award at the Ouled Taima Festival in Morocco and a Special Mention at the Écrans Noirs Festival in Cameroon.

Tuta and Zagzoog
Nidal Al Buzum, 6 min, Animation, in Arabic with English subtitles, Jordan, 2021

A bird looking for its food befriends a silkworm. The sparrow tries to protect the silkworm until it turns into a beautiful butterfly. A story about friendship away from personal benefits.         

I Wish to Fly
Osama Abouzaid, 8 min, Animation, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2022
A mother offers a basket of four kinds of fruits to four children. One of the children claims that he can fly if he eats an apple from one of the other children. After he eats it, he cannot prove that he can fly, forbidding him from eating more fruits.  

White Night
Issam Taachit, 7 min, Animation, No Dialogue, Algeria, 2020

The film takes place in the majestic Aures Mountains, specifically in one of the Atlantic cedar trees which cover the mountains of Algeria. On a cold winter’s night, a snowball slides from a tree across the mountain to form a snowman, who ends up in the warm house of a beautiful girl.
Sean McCarron, 10 min, Animation, No Dialogue, Canada, 2022

 An eccentric boy has trouble fitting in at school due to his obsession with crows.
The film has received the Audience Choice Award for Animated Shorts at Calgary International Film Festival.
A Shot of Support
Suliman Aladham, 5:00 min, Animation, Silent, Jordan, 2021

Ryan is a kid who is trying to play basketball professionally and join the school basketball team. However, his dad sees things differently.

Friday 25 November
At 5 PM
Ahlan Simsim: The Best, Hardest, and Biggest Riddle
(Suitable for children above 6 years)
Ahmad Al Yaseer, 24 min, Narrative, in Arabic with English subtitles, Jordan, 2022
Ahlan Simsim's friends are getting ready for Ramadan and while exploring the Ramadan Bazaar, they are intrigued by a colorful tent with a mysterious storyteller in it. Basma, Jad, Ma'zooza with Salma meet her and are taken on an exciting imaginary journey full of riddles and important lessons.
The screening is followed by a puppetry show of Ahlan Simsim characters.

Friday 25 November
At 6 PM

Jim Button and the Wild 13
(Suitable for children above 10 years)
Dennis Gansel, 110 min, Adventure/Comedy, in German with Arabic and English subtitles, Germany, 2020
New adventures await Jim Button and Lukas! After the two friends have defeated the dragon, the pirate gang “The Wild 13” seeks revenge. The friends embark on a dangerous journey, with giants, dragons, mermaids, and even a turtle man, Jim and Luke set out across the skies, deserts and seas, where Jim's most sensitive wish could come true: he finally wants to bring the truth about his mysterious origin to light.
The film has received the Best Youth Film Award at the Bavarian Film Awards and Best Feature Film at Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival – Isla Calavera. It was also nominated for Outstanding Children or Youth Film, Best Film Score, Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects at the German Film Awards.


Saturday 26 November
At 4 PM
A collection of short narrative films suitable for children above 10 years
Darb’ohra (Another Time)
Sarah Zammit, 13 min, Fantasy/Drama, in Maltese with Arabic and English subtitles, Malta, 2022  

Ben, a young boy with a keen and curious mind, stumbles upon a charming little toyshop in the heart of a Maltese village. Intrigued by its potential mysteries, he wanders in. Among the mechanical treasures and skilled woodwork lying inside, Ben’s attention lingers on a mysterious hidden object on one of the shelves. Overwhelmed by his curiosity, he discovers something he could never have imagined, that will take him on a journey into the captivating mysteries of time and space.

Nivin Serag El Din, 15 min, Narrative, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2022

Yassin, a homeless 10-year-old boy, sells tissues in the street. He dreams of playing the violin, but he is poor and cannot buy it. Every night, he watches a boy playing the violin from his room window. The boy passes away in an accident just before competing at an international violin competition. A coincidence brings together Yassin and the mother of the child as if they are on a date between dream and reality where he soothes her pain.

The Watchers
Sandro Souladzé, 27 min, Narrative, in Georgian with Arabic and English subtitles, Georgia, 2021

Two little brothers must stay alone in their remote hut, to protect it from the obscure threat, while also dealing with their own fears and fantasy.

Saturday 26 November

At 6 PM

A Butterfly’s Heart
(Suitable for children above 10 years)
Inesa Kurklietyte, 108 min, Narrative, in Lithuanian with Arabic and English subtitles, Lithuania, 2021

This is the story of Juozapas, a very special boy who has a big secret. His heart is protected by a glass dome and thick armor. The center of his universe is the bug hotel he built himself in an old manor house and the insects that live there. One day, Rugilė moves to town and turns Juozapas’s life upside down. Thanks to Rugilė, Juozapas overcomes his fears and becomes open to the world. Friendship works wonders!

The film has won several awards including Best Feature Film at 16th Filem'On -Brussels Children’s Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the International Film Festival on Disabilities in Lyon, Best Film at Pantalla Alborache Festival and was nominated for the Silver Crane for Best Actor, Best Cinematographer, Best Makeup, Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction at the Lithuanian Film Awards. It has also participated in many international film festivals.


Sunday 27 November
At 4 PM


(Suitable for children above 10 years)

Tom Moore and Ross Stewart, 103 min, Adventure/Fantasy, in English with Arabic subtitles, Ireland, 2020

A young hunter journeys to Ireland with her father to help wipe out the last wolf pack, but then she befriends a free-spirited girl from a mysterious tribe rumored to transform into wolves by night.

The movie has been nominated for the Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Animated Feature and BAFTA Awards for Best Animated Feature Film. It has won numerous awards including the Annie Awards for Best Animated Independent Feature, Outstanding Achievement for Character Design in an Animated Feature, Outstanding Achievement for Production Design and Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting, the Austin Film Critics Association Awards for Best Animated Film, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards for Best Animated Film, Best Irish Film at Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards, Best Animation Film at Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, Best Animated Film at New Mexico Film Critics and others.


Sunday 27 November
At 6 PM
A collection of short narrative and animation films suitable for children above 10 years

Followed by the Awards Ceremony
Saleh Boufella, 7 min, Narrative, in Arabic with English subtitles, Algeria, 2021

A group of children accompany their teacher on a beach tour when they come across a dead fish. They try to identify the causes but finding out the killer’s identity is shocking!

Ibn El Ballad
Tony El Ghazal, 13 min, Narrative, in Arabic with English subtitles, Qatar/Jordan/Canada, 2021

Firas, a Jordanian Lebanese nine-year-old boy, visits Jordan for the first time to renew his passport. After constantly feeling like a stranger in Lebanon, he is convinced that he would finally feel at home in Jordan. Determined to fit in, Firas must go to the extreme to prove that he can finally belong.

A Letter to My Friend in France
Akram Bezawy, 12 min, Narrative, in Arabic with English subtitles, Egypt, 2021

When imagination and freedom of speech are hindered by pre-determined boundaries, only a higher power can provide a breakthrough. Rami's encounter with "his friend in France" proves this thesis, and with a little impulsivity and imagination, the young boy learns a bit about himself.

Hussein Alugaili, 3 min, Animation, No Dialogue, Iraq, 2022

Laboratory experiments are conducted on a group of animals causing a genetic change that distorts their appearance. The conflict between humans and animals is everlasting.

The Human
Sardar Zangana, 2 min, Animation, Silent, Iraq, 2022

When people are born, they are usually labelled by the society. But we can accept others with their differences.