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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | The Royal Film Commission – Jordan Holds the Project Market-Amman to Support Jordanian TV Series


The Royal Film Commission – Jordan Holds the Project Market-Amman
to Support Jordanian TV Series

Amman, 18 December 2022

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) organized, last Thursday 15 December, the Project Market-Amman, which is the final stage of “Halaqat” Project that was held over twelve months. The Market was attended by decision-makers from the film and television sectors as well as representatives of 21 Arab and Jordanian VOD platforms, TV channels, production companies, producers and investors to meet with the participants who presented their projects and screened a mini pilot episode.

The Market hosted high-level representatives from MBC Group, Arabia Pictures Group, Shahid Originals, Arabic Original Series Netflix, I See Media Production, Sabbah Brothers Production, VIU Middle East, Film Factory, Charisma Group, Eagle Films, OSN, Watch It, Creative Media Solutions, Film Affairs at Kurdistan Regional Government- Iraq, Arab Media Network, Ro’ya Media Group, Jordan Pioneers, Esam Hijawi Productions, Arab Telemedia Network, The Imaginarium Film and Rum Pictures.

The RFC had initiated “Halaqat”, in November 2019 in partnership with The Drosos Foundation, to support teams of directors, producers and screenwriters in Jordan and help them develop their TV series projects under the mentorship of local, Arab and international consultants in the fields of scriptwriting, directing, production and marketing. Through seven training labs, each team received a grant to produce a mini pilot and the outcome was five ready TV scripts.  

The selected TV series were: “Five Thieves” (directed and written by Mohammad Ali and Karim Ariqat/produced by Mohammad Zghoul);“The Shopping Square” (directed by Samer Battikhi/written by Samer Battikhi and Hayat Abu Samra/produced by Aya Wuhoush); “The Night is Still Young” (directed by Naji Salameh/written by Moeen Masoud/produced by Mohammad Khamis); “Arabian Horror Stories” (directed and written by Ahmad Al-Khatib/produced by Mays Al-Reem); “Aisha” (directed and written by Zaid Baqaeen/produced by Rashid Abdelhamid). The participants had received a training on pitching their projects at the RFC earlier last week.

Commenting on the Project Market’s importance, the RFC’s Managing Director, Mohannad Al-Bakri, said: “The ultimate goal for any TV series is to reach the screen and the audience. We made sure that “Halaqat” Project does not only focus on the training aspect, but also includes the Project Market that provides a significant opportunity for the participants to network directly with a group of the most prominent Jordanian and Arab productions entities. The Market also allows the Jordanian production houses and filmmakers to get acquainted with the invitees."

Talal Al-Awamleh, CEO of Arab Telemedia Network, said: “I am happy to see this kind of interest in Jordanian content. Such a networking event between Jordanian talents and productions companies on one hand and Arab production entities on the other is what we lack. Jordan is rich in talents and stories, it is a hub for filmmaking and excellence.”

“I worked with the participants at “Halaqat” a year ago at the producing lab and they had great ideas,” added Joelle Bitar, Executive Producer at Eagle Films. “I am glad to see the outcome through the pilots knowing that they did not have much financial means to materialize their projects. “Halaqat” is very important, and I hope to see similar programs in all Arab countries.”  

It is worth noting that the guests were all impressed by the innovation and great effort put into the submitted projects and by the manner they captured out-of- the-box ideas.

The Call for Applications for the upcoming round of “Halaqat” will be open early 2023.
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