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The Royal Film Commission Jordan | The Jordan Film Fund Announces Grants to 24 Projects


The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC) has announced 24 projects to receive the Jordan Film Fund’s (JFF) financial support with a total amount of 250,000 Jordanian dinars 
An independent jury of five professionals met in Amman last week to evaluate 66 eligible projects and made the final selection among the following categories: production of short (narrative, documentary and animation) films; development of feature narratives, documentaries and TV series; production and post-production of feature narrative films.

The Jury included:
  • Writer and director Mahmoud Al Massad.
  • Theatre and cinema director and producer Georges Hachem.
  • Writer and a TV series creator Elena Soarez.
  • Film programmer, director and producer Salim Abu Jabal.
  • Film scholar, screenwriter, documentary researcher and independent producer Hossam Elouan.

Jury Members
The grant recipients of the fourth JFF cycle are:

Production of Feature Narrative Cinematic Projects:
  • ‘Farha’ (Director: Darin Sallam; Producer: Deema Azar and Ayah Jardanah).
  • ‘Papion On The Water Tank’ (Director: Yahya Alabdallah; Producer: Huda Al-Kadhimi).
  • ‘It’s a Boy” (Director: Amjad Al Rasheed; Producer: Aseel Abu Ayyash).
Post-Production of Feature Narrative Cinematic Project:
  • ‘Salma’s Home’ (Director: Hanadi Elyan; Producer: Nathan Bennett)
Development of Feature Narrative Cinematic Projects:
  • ‘The Station’ (Scriptwriters: Nadia Eliewat and Sara Ishaq; Producer: Nadia Eliewat)
  • ‘To Him, We Return’ (Scriptwriters: Ahmad Alyaseer and Rana Alyaseer)
  • ‘She Who Lives’ (Scriptwriter: Aysha El-Shamayleh; Producer: Batoul Ibrahim)
Development of Feature Documentary Cinematic Project:
  • ‘Caesar’ (Director: Widad Shafakoj; Producer: Zeid Fanous)
  • ‘We Carve Words in the Earth’ (Director: Mahasen Nasser-Eldin; Producer: Sami Said Shana’ah)
Development of TV Series Projects:
  • ‘Al-Marsoud’ (Writers: Rifqi Assaf and Salah Qasrawi)
  • ‘Forgotten Princesses’ (Writer: Jamal Bakeer)
  • Production of Short Narrative Cinematic Projects:
  • ‘On Their Way’ (Director: Omar Rammal; Producer: Leen Awad)
  • ‘Rubber Washer’ (Director: Hadi Shatat; Producer: Omar Kamal Abu Shanab)
  • ‘Truce’ (Director: Saleh Al khataybeh; Producer: Sa’ed Arouri)
  • ‘Cadence of the Valley’ (Director: Rama Obeid; Producer: Ibrahim Yacoub)
  • ‘Arnoos’ (Director: Samer Battikhi; Producer: Aya Wuhoush)
  • ‘Hemingway’ (Director: Ghaith Al-Adwan; Producer: Amer Halasa)
  • ‘The Way Home’ (Director: Layan Nairoukh; Producer: Maya Talhouni)
  • ‘Tala’vision’ (Director: Murad Abu Eisheh; Producers: Jude Kawwa, Esther Busch, Gabriel Waldvoge, Philipp M. Raube)
  • ‘Teita’s Last Wish’ (Director: Areeb Zuaiter; Producer: Rema Saoub)
  • ‘Sudoku’ (Director: George-Nicholas Al Khouri; Producer: Ghassan Salti)
Production of Short Documentary Cinematic Project:
  • ‘The Forgiveness’ (Director: Hamza Hamideh; Producer: Ismail Abu Wardeh)
Production of Short Animated Cinematic Projects:
  • ‘Azrar’ (Director: Ahmad Jaber; Producer: Mohamed al Rugab)
  • ‘Geisha L.O.V.E’ (Director: Mike Derderian; Producer: Nadine Toukan)
Commenting on the submissions and selection process, the Jury noted: “As a jury, we were pleased to explore 66 cinematic and TV projects that were submitted to the Jordan Film Fund as they represent a diversity of trends, ideas and generations working in the Jordanian film industry.

In general, the projects tackled rich societal and humanitarian topics that dealt with Jordanian issues and specificities without ignoring the issues and concerns of neighboring Arab countries. This underlines the fundamental and appropriate support provided by the JFF to co-productions.

It was hard to choose amongst the projects, since most of the works have a promising technical value.  But after several days of deliberation, we decided to dedicate more than 40% to supporting short films, given their availability and advanced level: films that young filmmakers aspire to realize, some of them working on their first project, which will nurture the Jordanian cinema with a new generation.
The Jury hopes that its choice will contribute to the development and implementation of projects that will enrich the Jordanian and Arab film scene, and will be accompanied by productions that add to its repertoire and strengthen its position on the global cinema map."
Princess Rym Ali, Managing Director- Interim of the Royal Film Commission - Jordan and Member of its Board of Commissioners, added: “I am very pleased that we have been able to move forward with this year’s distribution of support to Jordanian and Arab filmmakers, after careful deliberation of the independent Jury. The Royal Film Commission’s aim has always been and continues to be to support filmmakers to tell stories of quality, and contribute to developing a local film industry in Jordan. We hope that the films that are made with funding from the JFF will reflect the best storytelling to come out of Jordan and contribute to the development of that industry here.”

For more information, please call: Royal Film Commission, Marian Nakho, Tel: 06-4642266/ Ext: 23

For enquiries related to the grants, please contact The Jordan Film Fund Manager: