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A Collection of Documentary Films

Date of Event: 22-April-2019 - 25-April-2019

Time of Event: 19:00

Location of Event: The Rainbow Theater - Jabal Amman - 1st Circle

The Royal Film Commission – Jordan, 
in partnership with PriMed International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage
invites you to attend the screenings of
“A Collection of Documentary Films”

 in the presence of Valerie Gerbault, 
Delegate General of the Mediterranean Center of Audiovisual Communication (CMCA)
 From Monday 22nd until Thursday 25th of April 2019 
at 7:00 PM
The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman

Public invitation. Free admission

Monday 22 April 
Missing Fetine 
7:00 PM

Yeliz Shukri, 75 min, Documentary, in English, Arabic and Turkish with Arabic and English subtitles, Cyprus, 2017 

Followed by a discussion with the director, Yeliz Shukri, and with the film’s protagonist, Pembe Mentesh

 Forced to marry at a very young age, Fetine Memish had to live in a foreign country and never saw her family or her homeland again.

Her fate, like that of thousands of other girls exiled in similar circumstances, remained a mystery. Until the day her brother’s granddaughter embarked on a serious investigation to find her.

The film has won the Mediterranean Memories Award at PriMed Festival as well as the Jury Special Mention Award for Best Foreign Documentary at 6th Aegean Docs Film Festival. 

Tuesday 23 April 
Ashbal, Children of ISIS
7:00 PM

Thomas Dandois and François-Xavier Tregan, 52 min, Documentary, English, France, 2017 

They are aged between 4 and 16 years. In the so-called Islamic State, they are known as Ashbal, the Caliphate’s lion cubs. These children have spent months in training camps being badly treated and brain-washed, then sent to the frontline. After months gradually getting to know them, the directors were able to gain the confidence of these damaged kids and their families. They agreed to open up. This film is their story.

The film has received the 2M (Moroccan TV) Broadcasting Award at PriMed Festival. It also participated in FIGRA, Festival International du Grand Reportage d'Actualité and Festival International du Film d’Éducation. 

Wednesday 24 April 
Strange Fish 
7:00 PM

Giulia Bertoluzzi, 53 min, Documentary, in Arabic and French with English subtitles, Italy, 2018 

"Strange Fish" echoes Billie Holiday’s song “Strange Fruit" in which, to general indifference, violence against coloured people is taken as normal. In the southern Mediterranean the feeling is the same. The fishermen in Zarzis, a Tunisian town on the borders of Libya, set out each day wondering whether they will find a strange fish in their nets, the bloated corpse of a drowned emigrant.

But Bertoluzzi’s documentary does not only show this drama, with its all-pervading indifference. It rather shows the deep and human response of the town’s anonymous heroes. For 15 years, these fishermen have helped and saved thousands of people. “And if we find them already dead, we help them as well – we bury them", says Chamseddine Marzoug.

“Strange Fish” has won the RAI 3 (Italian TV channel) & France 3 Corse Via Stella (French TV channel) Broadcasting Awards at PriMed Festival, BNP Award & Jury Special Mention at Visioni dal Mondo and Best Documentary Film at My Art Festival. It was screened in several international festivals. 


Thursday 25 April
Three Thresholds: Birth, Marriage, Death 
7:00 PM

Asuman Atakul Firtina, 61 min, Documentary, In Turkish and Arabic with English subtitles, Turkey, 2017

Birth, marriage and death are three stages of life which every community in the world celebrates. Rites organised according to specific cultural codes mean the individual feels part of a group at the important moments of his life.

This documentary looks at Turkey’s rapidly changing ancestral customs, traditions and rituals.

The film has earned the Mediterranean Art, Heritage and Cultures Award at PriMed Festival and the Grand Prize at Golden Saffron International Documentary Film Festival.