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Yemeni Film Days

Date of Event: 14-April-2019 - 16-April-2019

Time of Event: 19:00

Location of Event: The Rainbow Theater - Jabal Amman - 1st Circle

The Royal Film Commission - Jordan in cooperation with "Innovative Yemen" invites you to attend the second edition of the
"Yemeni Film Days"
From Sunday 14 until Tuesday 16 April 2019
at 7:00 PM
The Rainbow Theater - Jebel Amman

Public invitation. Free admission

The films are preceded daily by a short film produced through a training program “The Power of 20 - Children’s Voices are Powerful” that took place in Sana’a and Aden in 2018. UNICEF organized this training in cooperation with Wujooh Foundation for Media and Development.

Sunday 14 April
6:30 PM
Live Yemeni music presented by:

Mohammad Mousa, singing/vocals and playing the Oud
Salem Shaker, playing the Donbk
Saleh Ba-Atwa, playing the Daf

Sunday 14 April
7:00 PM

A Night of Yemeni Short Films

Screening of short documentaries produced through Comra Doc Camp- Yemen 2018 and with the support of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture AFAC

Zakaria Zayed, 5 minutes, in Arabic with English subtitles

Mohammad Al-Raqeeb, 11 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Two Witnesses
Sarra Al-Haddi, 7 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Hussein Al-Saad, 5 min, No dialogue

Ahmed Halama, 5 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Anwar Sabri, 5 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

When You Coming Back?
Abdulrahman Alward, 7 min, in Arabic and English with English and Arabic subtitles

Screening of a short fiction film produced by “Good Idea Better Media”

Without Coercion
Dares Qaid, 13 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Screening of two short fiction films produced by “Yemen Will Triumph Organization” and “The National Endowment for Democracy”

Mohamad Al Raqeeb, 12 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Dia Al Adimi, 11 min, in Arabic with English subtitles

Yemen: The Silent War
Directed and produced by Sufian Abulohom, 11 min, short documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles


Monday 15 April

Blood and the Moon
7:00 PM

Tommaso Cortonei, 78 min, Documentary, in Arabic with English subtitles, 2017

What happens to the mind of a child bride? Disempowered and deprived of health, education as well as safety. Someone takes courage and reacts. Soraya escapes her husband to reach a village where no one knows her. A local young school teacher offers her protection and a place to rest until she figures out her next step. It is a story of two people living in Yemen: a young woman from the city and a young man from the countryside who become acquainted and fall in love. They struggle to educate the children of a remote village so as not to become a prey to terrorist groups.

The film has participated in many film festivals including: Toronto International Film Festival, San Francisco Arab Film Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival, Miradasdoc Film Festival, Uruguay International Film Festival, Nepal Human Rights Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival Millenium, Delhi International Film Festival, Millenium Bruxelles Film Festival, Tirana International Film Festival, and Berlin Independent Film Festival.


Tuesday 16 April

Yemen - A Legend Hidden in the Ballad
7:00 PM

Ünal Üstündağ, 51 min, Documentary, in Turkish with English subtitles, 2016

Yemen, just like today, was the scene of sectarian conflicts and revolts in the 400-year long period under the Ottoman rule. The Empire had not only to deal with local insurgents but also with the interference of other states. Despite all types of Ottoman aid and military support, regional sovereignty moves of Zaidi Imams brought along destruction. When the southern door had to be deserted, hundreds of thousands of victims were also left behind. The cry of Anatolian people, who sent their soldiers onto local insurgents, rough nature conditions, hunger, sickness and death, turned into a song and left a marked Yemen in History.

The film has won Best Film Award at TRT Documentary Awards.