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Date of Event: 04-July-2022 -

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater) 1st Circle – Jabal Amman

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Nariman Aliev, 96 min, Drama, in Ukrainian, Russian and Crimean Tatar with English and Arabic subtitles, 2019


Mustafa and his youngest son, Alim, clash after collecting the deceased body of elder son, Nazim, a casualty of the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2014. The family's history with government displacement compels Mustafa on a pilgrimage to mourn and bury in Crimean Islamic tradition. The story starts from the morgue, then on a road trip from Kyiv to the volatile Crimean Peninsula. After sleep deprivation and irritability, their car lands damaged in a ditch. Taking the vehicle to the closest auto shop, Alim meets the mechanic's granddaughter, a young Ukrainian girl who convinces him to go to the river. Obstacles keep coming where Alim and Mustafa become closer. The father and son arrive at Uncle Vasya's home, which is not far from the family's original Crimean homeland, and Mustafa convinces Uncle Vasya to let him borrow a rowboat to complete the rest of their journey.

“Homeward” was the official submission of Ukraine for the Best International Feature Film category of the 92nd Academy Awards. The film has won several awards including: Best Director and Best Actor at the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards, Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Actor at Ukrainian Film Critics Awards, Grand Prize at Odesa International Film Festival, Best Film at Bucharest International Film Festival, Best Feature Film and Best Actor at Bosphorus Film Festival. It has also participated in Cannes Film Festival, Eurasian International Film Festival and International Film Festival of India and others.



Date of Event: 04-July-2022 - 06-July-2022

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater) 1st Circle – Jabal Amman

Ukrainian Film Days

From Monday 4th until Wednesday 6th of July 2022

This event is organized by
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan
in cooperation with
The Ukrainian Embassy in Jordan

8 PM at
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan
(Outdoor Amphitheater)
First Circle – Jabal Amman

Free Entry

أيام الفيلم الأوكراني

من الاثنين 4 إلى الأربعاء 6 تموز 2022

هذه الفعالية بتنظيم من
الهيئة الملكية الأردنية للأفلام
بالتعاون مع
السفارة الأوكرانية في الأردن

الساعة الثامنة مساء في
الهيئة الملكية الأردنية للأفلام
(المسرح الخارجي)
الدوار الأول – جبل عمّان

الدعوة عامة والدخول مجاني

الثلاثاء 5 تموز الثامنة مساء
Tuesday 5 July at 8 PM

الاثنين 4 تموز الثامنة مساء
Monday 4 July at 8 PM

الأميرة المسروقة

باتجاه الوطن

الأربعاء 6 تموز الثامنة مساء
Wednesday 6 July at 8 PM