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Date of Event: 28-September-2022 - 28-September-2022

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission – Jordan (Outdoor Amphitheater) 1st Circle – Jabal Amman


Salah Issaad, 90 min, Drama, in Arabic (Algerian dialect) with English and Arabic subtitles, Algeria/France, 2021


Soula, a young single mother, is rejected by her family in the name of honour. Having nowhere to go when her father throws her out of her home, she calls upon many friends and relatives for help. As she embarks on a tumultuous 14-hour long journey, Soula’s goal is to spare her baby daughter her pain and struggles. But everything and everyone around her represents a potential threat and the line is often blurred between those who want to help her and those who pull her further into a spiral of violence. From Batna to Annaba, the young woman hops from one car to another swaying in between moments of exhilarating relief and banality with friends and moments of great angst and solitude. Against a backdrop of soothing landscapes, in a desperate yet breathtaking road trip, Soula heads towards her inevitable destiny.

The movie is inspired by real events and the protagonist (Soula) plays her own character in life.

The film has received the Black Iris Award for Best Arab Feature-Length Narrative Film at the Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film in its third edition. It has also won Best Film and Best Actress at Malmo Arab Film Festival, Best Feature Film at Beirut International Women Film Festival, Best Film at the African Asian Latin American Film Festival (Milano – Italy) and Best Film and Best Actress at Festival Oriental du Film de Genève.

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