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The Perfect Circle

Date of Event: 14-September-2022 -

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission - Jordan

Wednesday 14 September at 8 PM

The Perfect Circle

Ademir Kenovic, 110 min, Narrative, in Bosnian with English subtitles, 1997

Rated 16+

Adis and Kerim, two young brothers, seven and nine years old, have found refuge in Hamza's place; a poet whose wife and daughter have left Sarajevo. The boys have lost their whole family except for an aunt, Aicha, a refugee in Germany. Hamza cannot abandon the kids, and he must absolutely find this aunt.

Day after day, the poet and the kids learn how to live together, to discover themselves, to love each other, and to dream, where the warmth of this love helps them to overcome the difficulties of everyday life in a city in ruins. After shells have destroyed his house, Hamza is convinced to make the boys emigrate. He accompanies them to the separation zone and stays alone worried if his "new family" has arrived.  

“The Perfect Circle” has won several awards including the François Chalais Award at Cannes Film Festival, Special Jury Prize at Paris Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at St. Louis International Film Festival, Best Director at Tokyo International Film Festival and FIPRESCI Prize - Special Mention at Valladolid International Film Festival.

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