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  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Eligibility criteria includes the following, but please refer to the JFF’s Guidelines and Regulations file for the complete information on eligibility: 
    • Core team members (producers, directors, and writers) should be 18 years or above.
    • Jordanians are eligible. And Arab nationals provided that they have been residing in Jordan for at least five years.
    • Only an eligible producer is allowed to apply in all categories.
  • What is the maximum grant amount to be funded by JFF?
    Following is a table with the funding amounts per category/phase:
Category / PhaseMin. Amount (JOD)Max. Amount (JOD)Fixed Amount (JOD)
Development of Feature Narrative and Documentary  5,000
Development of TV Series5,0007,000 
Production of Feature Narrative10,00050,000 
Production of Feature Documentary 10,00025,000 
Post-Production of Feature Narrative and Documentary10,00025,000 
Production of Short (Narrative, Animation, Experimental & Documentary)5,00010,000 
  • What is JFF’s selection criteria?
    An independent jury of established film and TV professionals evaluates eligible applications.Their assessment considers projects’ originality, creative merit, feasibility, as well as the filmmakers’ credentials and abilities.

  • Is it possible to share important information/updates with the jury after the submission’s deadline? 
    Yes. In case there are essential developments related to the project such as receiving financial support or signing a co-production agreement, etc. 

  • Can applicants ask for the jury’s notes after announcing the results?
    Applicants may require the jury’s notes within five working days after receiving the JFF’s official response.

  • I am developing a feature narrative project but did not sign a development/ production agreement with a producer (PA). Can I apply for the development fund?
    No. Only eligible producers can apply for JFF in all categories and such agreement must be signed and submitted.  

  • I am producing a short documentary and the director haven’t shot or edited any video material; can I still apply?
    No. To be eligible for funding, you need to submit at least 5 minutes of edited video of your subject matter in addition to all submission requirements. 

  • Is industry experience required for applicants?
    • Industry experience is required from the producer and director, when applying for the production and post-production phases of feature-length films (narrative or documentary). 
    • Industry experience is required from the producer in all development categories including the writer in narrative and TV series and the director in documentary projects. Producers, writers and directors must have produced, written, or directed at least one short film that was produced. 
    • Industry experience is not required when applying for the production phase of short films.

  • Why is industry experience required?
    It is essential for the jury members to learn more about your professional practice. Your industry experience in producing, writing, or directing films or/and TV series will strengthen your submission and will help the jury members to understand you as a filmmaker. 

  • What does samples of previous work or video material include? 
    Submitting samples of previous films or TV series work is obligatory to all categories except short films. It should be a produced short or feature- length narrative, documentary, experimental, animated film, or a TV series.  

    Music videos, advertisements, promos, audiovisual documentation, teasers, or trailers are not accepted as samples of pervious work.

    In documentary film applications, it is obligatory to submit an edited video (5 minutes) for projects applying in the short documentary category; (10 minutes) of video material for projects applying in the development of feature documentary category; (15-20 minutes) of edited video material for projects applying in the production and post-production of feature- length documentary. If a rough cut is available in the post-production category, it should be submitted instead. 

  • Should the language of the film be in Arabic?
    At least 50% of all dialogue, narration, voiceover, and any form of communication within the project must be in Arabic.  

  • Should the shooting/production location be in Jordan?
    Required shooting percentage in Jordan per category as follows:
    • Production of feature-length narrative: 50%
    • Production of short and animated films: 100%
    • In the production of feature-length documentary category, the production could take place outside Jordan if the director is a Jordanian national, and the topic is directly related to Jordan. 

  • Can I apply for the fund with an English script/treatment while the language of the film is in Arabic?
    Yes. The script/ treatment can be submitted in either Arabic or English.

  • Does the JFF’s Point System apply to the short film category?
    No. It applies only for the production and post- production of feature-length films (narrative & documentary).

  • What does the Production Agreement (PA) mean, that is mentioned in the supporting materials checklist?
    A production agreement is a legal contract between the rights holder/s (writer, writer/director) and a producer to execute the production of a film, television program, commercial, or any media production. It regulates the relationship between the parties, clarifies the rights and obligations further to overseeing the production of the project. The agreement’s components can include the development of the project, its production, post-production, exhibition, and distribution.

  • Is it obligatory to have a production company attached to the project when applying? 
    No. The producer can be either an individual or a production company.

  • How can I register the intellectual property of my project: script/ treatment? 
    Scripts can be registered at the Department of National Library (دائرة المكتبة الوطنية)– Amman/ Jordan Tel: +962-6-5662845 or the Writers Guild of America. Treatments and TV series can be registered online via the Writers Guild of America.

  • What is the TV bible mentioned in the supporting material checklist?
    The TV bible is the treatment or pitch document of the TV series. It usually includes a summary pitch, synopsis, story-world, timeframe, character profiles, genre and tone, significance of the story and the team as well as visuals.

  • Who will sign the grant agreement with the Royal Film Commission (RFC)?
    The eligible producer is the only person allowed to enter into an agreement with the RFC.
  • Can the producer and the director be the same person? 
    No. The producer and the director must be two different individuals; but duality is allowed in the case of the writer/producer or writer/director.

  • Is it possible to start production before the jury’s decision? 
    Principal photography should commence post the jury’s decision; the JFF does not cover retroactive expenses.

  • What is the Financial Plan mentioned in the supporting material checklist? 
    It is a plan that states the financial status of the project including the current and proposed sources of funding.

  • Is it allowed to change the core team members after submission? 
    Once granted, the core team members cannot change. If the production agreement (PA) between core team members is canceled; the JFF’s grant will be terminated.
  • How will the jury’s decision be announced?
    Once the jury decision is made, applicants will be informed through an official email.