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Frequently Asked Questions Mosalsalat

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab?

The callout for applications is announced on the RFC’s website & Facebook page. During the submissions period, an online application form will be available.

To apply, please visit the Mosalsalat How to Apply page.

Who is eligible to apply?

Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab is aimed at Arab screenwriters only. Arabs who live outside of the region can also apply if their parents are from the Middle East, North Africa or the Gulf, given that they can provide proof of their Arab origins.

If I am not an Arab national but I reside in an Arab country, can I still apply?

Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab targets Arab screenwriters; residents in Arab countries from non-Arab nationalities/origins are not eligible to apply. 

I am of Arab descent, but I do not have any documents to prove so, can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. The selection committee will particularly look into your case for which you will need to provide a supplementary letter for their review explaining your situation and why you lack such documents as well as the reasons behind your interest in joining the Lab.

What’s the language of the Lab?

As this is a very international group, the language used is English, but you don’t have to be fluent in English to participate. We do provide interpreters when needed. All application requirements and materials are also required to be in English. 

Can I submit the Lab’s requirements in Arabic?

Unfortunately, no, this is because members of the selection committee and the Lab’s Creative Advisors do not all speak Arabic, as the Lab always aims to collaborate with readers and advisors not only from the Arab region, but also from all around the world, to ensure that submitted projects are being reviewed from different perspectives, and fellows are receiving diverse feedback. Additionally, all submitted previous works must have English subtitles. 

How many projects can I submit?

Only one project per applicant will be accepted. If you have more than one potential project/idea, we advise you to select the one you feel most strongly about and are committed to making first.

I don’t have a series project, but I want to learn screenwriting for series. Can I apply to Mosalsalat?

No. Mosalsalat’s teaching method centers around educating the screenwriter based on their own style of writing, which requires the screenwriter to provide their own series project.  The Lab aims at advancing the skills of screenwriters and not at teaching screenwriting.

Can I still apply if I don’t have any previous works?

Submitting samples of previous works is a requirement. However, you can provide a letter explaining your situation and justifying the lack of this main requirement which will be looked into by the Lab’s selection committee who will make the final decision towards whether your application should be considered or not. 

Can I submit a project I have previously submitted to the Lab?

Yes. However, the re-submitted application material cannot be the same as what you had previously applied with; you will need to provide an updated version of the requirements with a letter outlining the changes and developments that have been made. 

I have participated previously in the Lab, but now I’m working on a different series, can I apply again?

No. Applications from Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab Alumni will not be considered; it is not accepted for a previous participant to take part in more than one round. This is mainly to give opportunities to a larger number of aspiring Arab screenwriters to benefit from the Lab, given that the skills and experiences the Fellows acquire while at the Lab should help them with developing their scripts in general and not just the script with which they participated in the Lab.

Are there any restrictions in terms of the script characters or the writer’s point of views or opinions?

No, the Lab aims to strengthen the Arab writers’ voices, and this cannot be achieved without securing a safe space for the writers to express themselves freely.

Do you consider adaptations? 

Yes, as long as the underlying rights of the source material are secured.

If I missed the deadline but I have all of the Lab’s requirements ready, can I apply to the Lab? 

If you missed the deadline by a small margin, you could still send in your application material, but you will also need to provide a letter explaining your reasons for being late and why you must join the Lab in its current round and not the next one. 

How do you select projects?

An Advisory Committee of film & TV professionals called “Creative Consultants” work with the Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab team throughout the selection process. The primary short listing is based on script merits: story, originality, writing style, and individual voices, etc. Where applicable, we look very closely at the directing work of the writer.

How many screenwriters will be selected?

Normally, from five to eight screenwriters are selected each year to participate in the Lab.

For more information on Mosalsalat Alumni, please visit Mosalsalat Fellows.

When and where will Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab take place?

The 3rd round of the Lab will take place in May 2023, at a venue to be announced later.

Can the project’s co-writer or director attend the Lab with me? 

For certain circumstances, yes. But an explanation letter should state the goals behind such interest.

However, the Lab focuses mainly on the writer and on empowering their voices, not on the production of the series. 

If I apply, how long would it take to find out if I am accepted?

The reading and evaluation process can take up to two months from the time of the submission deadline.

All applicants who have successfully submitted full applications will be contacted by the Mosalsalat team with their application status once the selection committee has made its final decision.

Would the RFC help me produce my series post Mosalsalat Screenwriters Lab?

The Lab is intended to support screenwriters creatively, and the focus of the Lab is specifically on screenwriting, not production or the business aspect of filmmaking. However, the Mosalsalat Lab team is available to support all Alumni on an advisory basis throughout their creative process, providing an ongoing resource for introduction, advice, recommendations, etc.

What does the RFC expect in return?

Participants are required to acknowledge and credit the program in the following form: “The project was developed with the assistance of Mosalsalat Lab, a project of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan”. Further details on this are provided in the Lab’s terms & conditions, included in the application form, which all applicants must agree to prior to submitting their projects to the Lab.