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Debut Feature Film Program

fa0e29e5-a441-4b6a-abf1-5b160de0c6c6.pngThe Debut Feature Film Program is structured as a workshop, whereby the RFC brings in experienced professionals that work with filmmakers in the phases of development, production, cinematography, editing and scriptwriting. The end result of the program is a feature-length movie.

The program is open to Jordanian, or residents in Jordan, writers or writers/directors. It was launched in 2010 and helped produce five feature- length narrative films that harvested eight international film awards, and participated in more than 20 regional and international film festivals.

The RFC works on the following:

  • Announcing the opening of a new cycle for young local filmmakers to submit their narrative scripts based on a specific designed application with clear criteria.
  • Assembling a specialized jury from renowned directors and producers in addition to the experienced RFC staff.
  • Identifying and selecting different mentors who will supervise and mentor the production of the selected film/s.
  • Presenting the final shortlisted applications/scripts to the jury to vote on the selected narrative feature film project/s.
  • Announcing the awarded filmmaker/s.
  • Hosting several workshops that cover the whole aspects of different phases of filmmaking including: script development, pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Assigning the selected mentors for the chosen film/s.
  • Accompanying the production of the film from its inception until its release.
  • Providing in-house counseling, including a producer attached to the film/s, a dedicated accountant and legal advice.
  • Supporting and promoting the distribution of the film/films commercially and in various festivals.
  • Organising one, or more, screening in Jordan and abroad.

In addition to the actual production of the film/s, this program offers practical training for the crew involved in its making.

Workshops are also held, on the side, for budding filmmakers.