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Film Screening 07/08/2017

Date of Event: 07-August-2017

Time of Event: 20:00

Location of Event: The Royal Film Commission

Followed by a discussion with the director Sara Ishaq, one of the instructors at “Comra” Film Camp, and with Hosam Omran, editor of the film “Departure”

Screening of short Yemeni documentaries, in Arabic & English with subtitles in English. The first four were produced at “Comra” Film Camp that took place in Sana’a in 2015.
 Yemen - Ograh (Taxi)
 Directed and edited by Mohammed Al-Ashwal, Sara Sari and Majd Fuad, 5:30 min
 Not Acting Anymore
 Directed and edited by Osama Khaled, Ahmed Alqadasi and Dia ALadimi, 8 min
 For A loaf of Bread
 Directed and edited by Amal Al Yarisi, Yasser Sharf and Mohammed Al Shahethi, 4:24 min
 Bachelors of War
 Directed and edited by Mohammad ALaghbri, Sami Shamsan and Ahmed Alhagry, 6 min
 A Broken Home
 Abdurahman Hussain, 7 min
 Ibi Ibrahim, 9 min
 Inside Yemen
 Carla Borras, 10:48 min, Short Documentary, English and Arabic with English subtitles, produced for FRONTLINE TV program
 Children describing the sounds bombs make as they fall. Streets covered with rotting garbage. Doctors and nurses who have gone months without pay, struggling to care for an influx of cholera patients and malnourished infants.
 That’s what FRONTLINE filmmaker Martin Smith and his team – producers Sara Obeidat and Michelle Mizner, witnessed last May when they became the only foreign journalists given permission to enter Yemen, the country that’s home to what the United Nations recently called the “largest humanitarian crisis” in the world.