Mish Saheb Aflam is back!

“Mish Saheb Aflam” is back in Ramadan!

It will be aired every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the 1st till the 22nd of September, at 10:00 pm on Jordan Television.

In its second season, this unique and creative TV program showcases the experiences and films of Jordanian filmmakers on Jordan’s terrestrial and satellite TV channels. The program, brought to you again by the Royal Film Commission-Jordan (RFC), gives the young filmmakers a platform to tell their stories and share them with millions of viewers.

“Mish Saheb Aflam” is an entertaining program that broadcasts the short films of young filmmakers, be they fiction or documentary. It also features interviews with these filmmakers and some of the actors, opinions from the Jordanian public and, an innovation in this new series, the opinions of film critics as well. The show, which consists of 10 recorded episodes, will appeal to viewers from all backgrounds.

Two episodes stand alone as they showcase a couple of Jordanian success stories: “Recycle” by Mahmoud Al-Massad and “Captain Abu Raed” by Amin Matalqa. Both have won international awards and recognition.

The short films were independently done by the filmmakers on mini DV cameras and with a very low budget. The RFC did not select the films’ topics, or aid the film makers in fund except for assisting in equipment or for editing purposes.

As compared to the first series in 2006, this year’s films have improved technically and in terms of content’s maturity. They tackle different, more serious issues of interest such as the role and rights of women, the gap between rich and poor, the devastating impact of car accidents, etc.

The films were selected after a public call for submissions that was advertised in the newspapers and by mail. As those familiar with the show know, and in view of reiterating its successful previous experience of the show, viewers will have the opportunity to share their feedback by sending their opinion on the films and the program itself by e-mail to aflam@film.jo.

By broadcasting these films on primetime and involving the general public in an open debate, the RFC aims to bring Jordanian stories told by Jordanians to Jordanians and to the rest of the Arab World.

The RFC believes in the talents of Jordanian filmmakers and expects a very promising future for them. The “Mish Saheb Aflam” show is part of the RFC’s efforts to promote film culture and filmmaking in the Kingdom, to build a sustainable film industry, to contribute to cross-cultural understanding by enhancing freedom of expression. All these objectives are continuously supported through various screening and training activities.

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